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Trump Lamar Alexander, President Trump, The House discussed on The Daily - Bonus: Senator Jeff Flake Interview


This all makes me think carl about the interviews that you have done over the past few weeks wiz senate republicans who are in some ways at odds with president trump lamar alexander who is leading a bipartisan effort to fix the affordable care act senator richard burr who is running the investigation into trump's campaign ties to russia boost of those men are arguably in politically risky positions because of the dual roles that they're serving as senate republicans and people doing something the president doesn't like but it's part of their jobs right and what flake is doing is speaking out despite being from a state where trump is really popular and he doesn't have a alternative role that requires him to do this critiquing and and and kind of critical thinking about the president it just seems like a genuine moral imperative for him and we just generally don't see a lot of the i i think it's true i've known jeff flake agus so he's been in the house since two thousand or so i've seen him in action for year after year this is just two years the he he's going to do what he thinks is right a even if it blows up on them as so far it's kinda worked out pretty well forum righty it how he won his crusade in the house he moved on to the senate uh he's respected by his colleagues there he's got nine good committees eight i asked him once if he was this was at a entirely different thing event i said well why don't you just run for president as an independent and he said flake can only get so far i didn't i don't think he had that i idea i think you too right now and in some ways it's about survival uh for jeff flake.

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