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Story. But let's check traffic and weather together anyway at 4 23. The Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic are the threes. We had weather troubles yesterday today. It's just the traffic troubles, Michael Yeah, just the traffic today and we've got our hands full already. Here, Ben, the South bound expressways where we start, boy, It is just a grind today. From the only old tunnel most of the way to route 24. You know, this is like a daily occurrence Now all the way down to 24 93 northbound, pretty bad route 28 most of the way up passing upon zits circle A real struggle coming up towards the tunnel to three South delays down past Union Street northbound really slow going up past 2 28 in Derby Street today. 1 28 South. Stop and go starts before Highland half and goes most of the way down. Pass through one and dead. Um, 95. Excuse me. 93 North bound is tough from 95/2 24 and 24 95 South both stop and go getting down past 4 95. That's not surprising there now over the upper end of 1 28. Now the WBC news radio traffic copter. They were down in the Lexington stretch. My Karen is still really heavy. And what for the north, and it starts back at Wall Fan back route 20 on again, off again. Delays but pretty heavy ones that go up to foreign to 25. Then you're back on the brakes. Three AM Burlington. A good deal of the way up in the Lindfield South found tough now from one AM Beverly. Down past 1 14 Kristen at the WBZ NewsRadio traffic copter. Tough going on Route one today from Sergeant Street in Revere most of the way up into the Linfield tunnel and beyond, and now a new problem up to the north. It's 93 south, complete standstill through up and over getting word of this left lane crashed.

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