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A i just think where we are right now it's better that you were in the producer all at this moment okay thanks appreciate the honesty moving on a from frank sigmatic p i also noticed frank underscore marietta 'em but you could interview yeah yeah okay bring reza may i'm gonna put on the business of frank says the value placed on the dual threat quarterback fern nfl often seems to be climbing and climbing are we watching the beginning of the end of the true pocket passer ooh good question frank west where they say well i think the easy answer is people have been asking this question since randall cunningham was you know a second year player with the eagles in in the late eighties 'em an answer from nfl types is always been they pocket passer will always have a place because running quarterbacks injured in i think it's worth reviewing that at least insane now win quarterbacks don't get hit as much and it's a big penalty to hit them 'em it's almost flag football to the point where the quarterbacks have treated like punters 'em it is that still relevant today i know they a running quarterback is still gonna have to get outside the pocket and take it but we've seen guys like russell wilson who has immaculate instincts on winter get down went to avoid hits not every quarterback gonna have those instincts but i think some of that can be taught a little bit slow between the rule changes in teaching that i do think we're gonna see way more running quarterbacks but i don't think the pocket quarterback will be will be extinct i mean look at the best guys in the last you know half decade tom brady drew brees aaron rodgers right if you get sling it and you have that spatial awareness and you could show those leadership skills there's always gonna be a role for those guys but a yeah we what we've scene is you have the dog's ability you are invaluable all right here's the next one coming up a daniel anderson which team is this year's twenty sixteen raiders sim seemingly from nowhere pulling it twelve and four so a the two thousand fifteen just refresh my memory twenty fifteen raiders went seven and nine so maybe they weren't quite as bad as danny remembers a but a who is the team kind of buried in their division west last year they you'd be surprised to see a make eight you know double digit win season type run not even ten eleven eleven plus wins we always had the preface this i guess swith except the browns right i mean would you also say except the packers escape the packers adams is well yeah except the carolina panthers yeah injured quarterback so i've been there is no to me those are the three obvious ones and i don't see a team i mean jets and bills i love what they've done this off season they still have a lot of question marks jimmy tags jags yeah because of their defense but i look at their all fence i'm i'm doing some some articles on deepest and famous position groups in the leg was assigned to me by or gracious editor i'll leave on party 'em an so you jags often in first finished position groups is basically their entire often what about you boys the broncos six and ten last year i i get tired of back on the show because you guys really lack or if lugo that's the question i don't see a twelve and four out of them i see attendance six possibly but i don't see one of those like he's going for the mvp award like derek carr with going for the mvp award that year all right so you don't have the spines thrown out the first three out there but they were all in eligible yeah his in here comes the onion hangar all right bruce arians the tampa bay buccaneers bang 'cause he's still got the love of the game was you gary ends in the booth and he's out of the game too long and he's no longer a quarterback whisper and they can't do it in a box or say well guess what five and eleven flip it eleven and five let's fly based on what really well i just explained the bruce arians is one of those coaches west is like that that parcels you know he's the guy with the parcels background a he is one of those guys that could have a trans formative affect on.

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