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Spotter capacity for you with McLaren and Alonzo, Scott? Or is there any advisory information you may be relaying his well? Or is it just spotting? Well, actually, the, the head engineer Andy Brown. I worked with before. Yes. You know, we, we have the meetings in the morning understand what's going on, for the day for the running of the car, which always spotters always sitting in participating in and then generally just sitting and listening in on the debrief that go on at the end of the day. And you know, along those pretty amazing guy, they have an amazing group of engineers here at, at McLaren led by Andy Brown. Who is he's won the Indy five hundred here before you know, I'm just sitting there on the sidelines listening. And, you know, a couple of conversations maybe once in a while. But, you know, I think with everything that goes on today, the that on here to be able to actually listen in and not saying adding advice, but certainly love listening and have discussion here there. But, you know, they don't they don't from an engineering perspective. You let the engineers do what they do best. Yeah, exactly has for Nando taught. To you about what kind of spotting he likes? I mean you've been the other way around. You've had spotters before some like a lot of chatter Scott, others. Like sparse talking on the radio of you. Had any kind of an idea, you know, how much talk and how much spotting advice for Nando may require. Yeah, obviously, when you get here, and you go through that discussion, you know, and I should also share with you, that the in cook another Canadian that has raised up in Canada for years in the spotting for years the other spot, turn three for me. I've been I've been going through a little bit of a learning curve, just with that. But it's very easy to pick up 'cause you know what a driver wants and, and every driver's different into your point. Some drivers like a lot of information chat to them a lot and some just like it just the bullet points and as gone on for the tests, and these couple of days. We're just refining what he needs. And you know with drivers that level drivers at all level here. Indiana, eric. It's just, you know in for me. I didn't wanna whole lot of chatter in the year and Fernando's much the same way. Okay. That's good. That's good. Similar styles..

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