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The world of co ops early mediumsized coa now graduated to like the small medium small media yeah yeah so and downtown still feeling like a good location or yeah it is feeling like there's a lot a lot of untapped potential a lot more that we can do or partitioning the city to turn our street into a one way street in have more parking alongside our parking and stuff like that so hopefully some dynamics of hoping the flow veteran easier for people to access 'cause there's there are people that come and they can't find any drive off right gory so yeah yeah it is and it's also what we've always hope for is that we can really get a good system down and things in place so that we can use it as a model and open up little satellites in different neighborhoods around interesting so so when did you get your board your first sport was that way way in the beginning j aboard or did you yeah we did we started out right away with worker rectors knowing all the process of figuring out how to do bylaws and set up a business like that right so yeah we started off with the board and it's definitely transformed immensely over the years so that the basically the boards just focuses on on policies and meeting our members schools and the purpose of our store and stay out of authorizations variety policy governance right right so when did implimented policy governance i wanna say that would probably around the time that we moved into our current location twelve right ernie 'cause they should been a lot of i think take a lot energy away from what the goal the actual goal is of the cooperative when it gets really muddled and missy that way allowing so of probably about that time you weren't members it had to say that im hired employees through becoming a more important part of this store i would guess right yeah that's true in was i think before we moved into the current location the most we had any time with five and they weren't even all you know fulltime employees have how many employees you have now now it's kind of fluctuates but it's like in between forty and fifty yeah that's great just think of all the employment you're generating yeah yeah it's really great to think about that it is it is it's a big economic impact i think so so back to two so policy governance you started did you train your board is that how you implimented that because that's a big difference right board members always wanna like tell you you know how to rearrange the is well you know right why don't you have some you know some products or something right yeah right yeah so we definitely had to do that and they can't take any credit my sister amber phone the resources she found the people to come train us and she's been really active with that over the years and this doing train basically training and retreats for our board every single year and or in and making that a priority because it makes a world of difference yeah i bet i bet because yeah because people don't come to now there aren't that many people who have experienced with being on a ford never mind being on a coop board right it's a different visa so yeah yeah okay well that's good and is your is your sister amber the gm yes he's the gm of the visit of the great basin snow yeah yeah that's what i thought so another thing you guys did was get clarity about leadership enrolls when that happened that happened around the same time i'd say it was it was marinating at the the last little five hundred square foot location us trying also the different things like okay let's be punching off of consensus and you got five five employees and it was extremely general mole that it was yeah just took a lot of times in your getting on the same page in learning these communication skills and learning you know it's not anything that we all grew up with or knew how to do and so.

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