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Hall of famer lou whitaker joe morgan dustin pedroia rod karoo ryan sandberg at gardo alfonzo paul molitor so i mean it's really yeah it's not a terrible and the nice thing is i mean you think about thirty million dollars a year thirty one million dollars a year whatever it ends up being at the tail end and you're like oh he's inevitably going to be overpaid i don't even know if that's true without too because this only takes him through what his age thirty five season bore thirty four season yeah so he'll be in his decline but he starting from such an amazingly high point he was eight and a half wins this past year jose altuve at age thirty four is hitting to ninety and accumulating one hundred and eighty s yeah it's easy to see age thirty four l to aba three to four wind player at which point thirty million dollars really is not a disaster be slightly overpaid but that's three to four win players borderline allstar yeah you'll you'll take that i mean it sucks you will be any taller at age thirty four season but that doesn't really fucking matter none of us telling to fuck off out to tell them to maybe go get paid i also love that the astros are reinvesting some really skin some skinflint years to get and so this right here this should be look if we're going to follow the model we gotta follow it all the way through all right and hopefully what that means is on the other side of teams tanking and shitting on themselves on purpose for an entire year hopefully you do get something out of that because hopefully you'll follow the model to the t that the astros have started to lay out which says once we get to the promised land or get close to where we're trying to be and we have success and we have identified guys who have helped us get there we're going to start locking them the fuck up we're going to start locking them down so hopefully that continues to trend in that direction just moments ago noted dickhead john hayman tweets alex cobb has passed his physical oh shit and he is in orioles so orioles physically pass to by the way before we move on from hayman i tweeted something about him yesterday and i think i got.

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