Aspirin (MM #4053)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. Science, medicine. They've come under the microscope for the last couple of years because of COVID-19. And the one thing I've always said is doctors don't know definitive answers. They learn as they get more data. For example, for years, we've been hearing medical experts tell us that once you hit your 50s, you may want to think about taking a baby aspirin or taking one of those low dose 100 milligram aspirins once a day. It kind of staves off potential heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, and guess what? They've changed that opinion now. In new guidance, doctors are saying you probably shouldn't even start taking an aspirin in your 40s or 50s. And even for people 60 and older, it won't necessarily prevent the first heart attack or stroke. And more interesting news, there's little benefit to continuing an aspirin regimen beyond 75 years old. And while I've had to start thinking about taking those baby aspirins, looks like I don't have to now. And my dad who's been taking them for years, he doesn't need to anymore because he's long past 75.

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