Chris Wallace, Donald Trump, Joe Biden discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


Arm. Out and it's the. Number number one low mortality. I hope you show the scenario because it shows what faked is okay. Don't think I'm fake news I will put you put our stats. Who said we had the worst tally rate in the world is? Past right, it's a little complicated, but bear with us. We went with numbers from Johns Hopkins University which charted the mortality rate for twenty countries hit by the virus. The US ranks of it better than the United Kingdom but worse than Brazil and Russia. The White House went with this chart from the European CDC which shows Italy and Spain doing worse, but countries like Brazil and South Korea doing better other countries. Doing better like Russia aren't included in the White House charge. Oh, see see. Chris Wallace did two things right? The trump absolutely hates. He proved him wrong and he made him do homework and the funniest part about this to me, isn't that trump used a bullshit charts to prove that America has the best mortality rate. It's even on a bullshit chart. It's still not true, I mean. If, you just want any. That's going to show. How well you're doing. Just go all the way with it, and that wasn't the only time. Trump tried to bring receipts that he didn't actually have here. He is attempting to prove that Joe Biden said. He wants to defend the police. They wanted to fund the police. Inviting wants to fund the big loser. He does not look. He signed a charter with Bernie. Sanders I will get that. One Guy was right in the mortality rate. Did you read that yard of the? He agrees talking about defunding. It says abolish, it says. Let's go all right well. You give me the charter all right. You've got to start studying for these. He says it's fun the police. Says defined the police. They talk about abolishing the police they talk about. Aliens lowering look forward to seeing Sir I'm not disagreeing with you on any of those disagreeing about fund police. White House never send US evidence? The Bernie Biden platform calls for defunding or abolishing police because there is not. Oh Man. I don't care how many times I watch it. It is priceless seeing trump flailing around trying to find effect that he made up and it actually shows you. How brain just kind mix up everything. He reads into one big information smoothie. Because clearly he read that Biden wants to abolish immigration detention and he also read that Biden wants police reform, and then his brain just mashed them up into Biden wants to abolish the police i. kind of want to give trump a book to read just to see how he would explain it back to me green eggs and As a tragic story about to. Want to marry him. They WANNA get married. He'll love each other, but again another great fact. Check from Chris Wallace. And I gotTa admit I love Chris Wallace the journalist. But Chris Wallace. The Dad must be a nightmare. His kids are probably coming home like yeah. School is fine. You know we just did a bunch of work. I just put my head down and work well. Actually I have photo evidence here of you spending all day under the bleachers vaping while making out with Samantha and honestly, it got to the point Chris. Wallace wasn't just fact checking trump. He was fact shaming him. Because for years now trump has been bragging about what a good score! He got on some cognitive ability tests and yesterday wallace flat out, told trump that his test score shit in the Fox poll. They asked people. Who is more competent? WHO's got? WHO's mind is sounder. Beats You well I'll tell you what. Let's take a test. Let's take a test right now. Let's go down Joe and I will take a test. Let him take the same test that I took. Incidentally, I took the test to when I heard that you passed it. How did you do not the hardest house now? Picture and it's night and it's an eleanor. Nah Get you see. That's all misrepresentations. That's what it was on the well so misrepresentation, because yes, the first few questions are easy, but I'll bet you couldn't even answer the last five questions about you. Couldn't they get very hard? The last one of them was come back from one hundred seven and let me tell you. Couldn't answer. You couldn't answer all right. What's across many of the questions I get you the test I'd like to give it, but I guarantee you the Joe. Biden could not answer those questions, okay. And I answered all thirty five questions correctly. While guys. This is sort of making me sad right now. Trump is trying so hard to claim his genius because he pasta test where you have to identify an elephant, be honest, even for trump is too easy. I mean if they wanted to test trump. They shouldn't have Austin to identify elephant. They should've Austin to identify his second daughter. Yeah, that would have been impressive. Is it it this one? No, that's jared Sir okay. But I was close right, and also counting back from one hundred seven is super easy. Anyone can one hundred. Ninety three..

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