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A 4._0._1._K goals investments. Are horrifying right now? Listen, if winning the lottery were easy everyone, but do it when it comes to financial stability, don't get left behind. Get tools and tips for saving feed the pig dot org. This message brought to you by the American Institute of CPA's on the Ad Council. Chicago's number one sports talk show can be heard weekdays from two to six Waddle and Silvy on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app. ESPN radio sportscenter. I'm Doug Brown. Australia's Ashleigh Barty wins the French Open title today with a six one six three victory over Marquette. Avante Rusalka, the first grand slam title Bharti, and she's the first Australian, man or woman to win the French since Margaret Court in nineteen seventy three in the men's semi finals today. Dominic team beats world. Number one, Novak Djokovic in five sets team advances to the final for the second year in a row, he will meet eleven time, French champ Rafy on the down after two wins in Oakland. The Toronto Raptors can finish off their first NBA championship at home on Monday night, they lead the warriors three games to one ESPN stores for looks to me. I thought step down the stretch of that game. There were multiple times and transition defense guys were walking up the floor. They couldn't quite change ends. Fast as they could listen. This has been long. Run over these five years, and I feel like there's a little bit of wear and tear game. Five coverage Monday night at eight eastern on ESPN radio ADC and the ESPN app. ESPN's. Ten McMahon reports. The rockets are talking again with coach Mike dantonio about a contract extension. Dantonio broke off those talks last week over a buyout clause. He has coached the rockets for three years and has one season left on his contract. They'll run the one hundred fifty first Belmont, Stakes today in New York Tacitus is the favorite right now at nine to five Preakness winner war of will to to one also in the field Hawaiian the records knock off the warriors. Once again, now we had back to Toronto. We're Golden State faces a must win game. Five coverage begins Monday at eight eastern on ESPN radio and on ABC. Presented by indeed. Tag group is shell shocked right now award or team. I just do not recognize tonight..

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