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Metro area Medical Center 7 40 on w T O P, another grim milestone hit in the United States due to the pandemic. 400,000 deaths from Cove it CBS News Medical contributor, Dr David Eggers says it's troubling. There are not oral antiviral drugs when we look at diseases like HIV, but has made a significant impact against that viral spread is a combination of aural aunty. Virus drugs, and we just don't have that at the present time. Unfortunately for covert 19 Vegas says he hopes the new Biden administration can get the vaccines out more quickly and save lives back to the presidential inauguration. Security 12 Army National Guard members have been removed from the security mission to guard the ceremony outside the capital. Two of the guard members were removed for inappropriate texts and comments. W T O P National SECURITY correspondent J. J Green says the security measures and vetting process that have been put into place are working. I've been down there three times in the last three days and spent a significant amount of time and had a chance to talk with some of the folks from the National Guard and from the police, D. C. Police and Secret Service and it looks like everything is working. Well, it looks like An armed camp oversees someplace and in the green zone and in Iraq or Afghanistan, But the security is under control. Now that said, I heard what CBS said about the possibility of You know, thoughts or concerns about extremist trying to maybe use drones or something like that. That's always been a concern, and it is a concern now. But for the most part, everything appears to be under control. No active plots against President elect Biden have been found. You're invited to stay with w T o p and w t o p dot com for the latest galley, that university student accused of attacking a D C police officer during the capital, right, turning himself in While photos show be tally Goss Jankowski holding a Taser. He claims he founded and denies using it on officer Mike for known who was repeatedly tase being then threatened before suffering a mild heart attack. The university telling wt opiates investigating and that anyone engaged in violence could be expelled. Gauss Jankowski is just one of seven people wanted for assaulting Finn own. Meanwhile, a teacher at Fred Lynn Middle School in Woodbridge has been placed on leave after apparently telling his students during an online Class. He was at the Capitol January 6th during the riot. The Prince William Times reports. The action against Teacher Benjamin Plumber was taken Friday. The paper says. A student took video of plumbers admission and posted it on social media in the video plumber calls the events of the capital a set up. People get a bad rap. They seem to be the one that started the whole thing. So I was there. That's what I wait for it. That's what I'm selling up and I heard the media just playing Trump supporters the whole time and I needed and it was a setup. It's not clear whether plumber went inside the Capitol that day, Prince William County public schools aware of the accusations and investigating to see whether school policies were violated. In a statement, the school district says it recognizes the right of employees to take part in political activity on their personal time. But it says employees may be fired if they take part in criminal activity. Loudon County's Board of Supervisors voting on a resolution calling for the resident Nation of Virginia state delegate David LaRock. The board is meeting right now. It comes one week after LaRock said he regretted using the words colored community in response to critics who blasted him for taking part in the rally in March that led to the capital riots. The resolution that the board will vote on says day full Iraq continues to promulgate disinformation about the election. It says his involvement and stopped the steel events has demonstrated he's unfit to represent Loudon County with honesty and integrity. Rene Laurent tells w t O p He's amazed that at least two supervisors are so blinded by their hatred of what he and conservatives stand for that they're violating the First Amendment and there could of conduct by using county staff in a political witch hunt. The.

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