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Always seems to be a topic of conversation. This time of year are some first time playoff teams with a bunch of guys who have never experienced it. And it is vastly different. And the bears. Don't have a roster full of those guys right now to recall is one of the first time ever. But he doesn't agree that play experience gives the eagles and advantage Sunday in the wild card doesn't matter. No everybody ought to play that day any given Sunday NFL anybody can win any any game. So you gotta come in a experience is not gonna save you. So you just got to play that is true emotions also play a factor in the outcome of these games. Especially in the beginning of the games when everybody's pretty hyped up. Cohen admits he's hyped up right now about me being high mammoth they see that I'm hype now. I think I'm a calm down a little bit not too soon. I gotta talk and get their this is one game in the playoffs. Oh, I got to calm down a little bit. Right. That is the reality of it win or go home. And we'll start our coverage at twelve thirty kickoff at three forty injuries of consequence. The receivers melter Gabriel Robinson. They hoped to have them ready. Matt Nagy optimistic. Eddie Jackson has got to be honest about his ankle injury before the coaches feel comfortable getting him out there. He was to run through practice today. And see how it turns out. We'll have that report coming up around the four o'clock hour, Aaron Lynch, and ROY Robertson Harris also guys to keep an eye on today. The league Vikings offensive coordinator George Stewart interviewing for the Tampa job. Eric b enemy the chiefs offensive coordinator interviewing in Tampa. And the jets head coaching job today. Also scheduled for the dolphins tomorrow. Hugh Jackson interviewing for the Bengals job Bryant floors. The patriots defensive coordinator with interviews with Green Bay Miami. Cleveland and the Broncos Brian Kelly's name parent coach of interest in your name head coach could be somebody. Tampa Bay is keeping an eye on for their opening as well both host or Landau tonight. Hawks are in the islanders tomorrow night and college hoops tonight, northwestern and Michigan state to Paul Villanova NBC sports, Chicago react to the.

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