Senator Marsha Blackburn Shares Her Insights on China


Senator, you've been really good on China for years. We kind of taken our eye off China recently. They're re locking down, we don't know if they're going to take a move for Taiwan, but they're talking a big game. Anything that we need to know about China in recent news, our position towards China, what's your insight there? One of the things we know is you can not trust the Chinese Communist Party. I find it very interesting that China, Russia, Iran, North Korea. That is your new axis of evil. And you look at the China Russia relationship. And I don't think she should be paying is going to be believing Vladimir Putin the next time he says, hey, we're going to go take Ukraine. It's only going to take us about three days. We are in the 60 something days at this point with this fight. And people are rallying the global community is rallying to China. Here's the thing to watch, is China go into dump Russia and let them just be pushed back into Russia, or is China going to prop them up by their oil? Bank them with all the sanctions that are being put on

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