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Ted Cruz tries to make a name for himself by beating up a rhetorically Dr. Ford, that just does not in well for Republicans across the country. No, it's a bigger problem, some places and it's a smaller problem other places, but it's not. It's a problem for Republicans everywhere. And you know, again, I go back to the needed hill precedent, a guy like Joe Biden and other Democrats on that committee have lived now for nearly thirty years with people, and they're in the democratic base saying that they Democrats had been had. Handled that that hearing had not given enough credence to Nita hill. They were in the majority that they allow Clarence Thomas to get on the court. And again, Joe Biden's been making implicit in some cases, experts at apologies to people in the democratic base ever since you magin in his problem is not broad political life is not a problem with with female voters. Not a problem with with with the zone based on the party Republicans have a huge problem with women voters in general. In this midterm, election and more broadly in presidential years, this has the potential to do if they handle it the wrong way to not just affect this nomination, but to affect the perception of the Republican party to worsen the perception among female voters for a long time to come. I just wanna say one more thing which to go back to this question of whether there's going to be a debate about why it took so long for this, this, this woman's accusations to come out what I would call a process debate. There will be that debate for sure. I do think that Republic. I want to make an issue of how Senator Feinstein handle this. How Democrats handle this Democrats are going to answer with two words, Merrick, garland, and the answer when they, there's well, you know, you're playing games with his nomination. You're, you're playing politics here. You're screw your betting with our with the sacred process. I think Democrats who already upset with the way in which Mitch McConnell played the same kind of political games to keep Merrick, garland supreme court, and the Democrats will come back with that answer pretty quickly. It is ugly that this is what's become of our supreme court nomination process the politics around it, but it is what it has become and the most recent transgressors and the most Pfleger transgressors area where Republicans on the case in garland. And I think Democrats will say, hey man, at this point, all is fair all his spare. They will say, all his fair when it comes to love war, educational politics. When it comes the future, the court, this has been ugly, and it just keeps getting uglier and you're right on the Merrick, garland, sy-. Situation, Republicans who waited for mines and refuse to even talk to Merrick, garland for months in their office cannot now say, we need vote in three or four days we have. We, we got they. They have undercut all arguments because of the way, the shabby shabby way they treated Merrick, garland, Jonathan, Turley. Let's switch topics through another obviously, fascinating and important topic, and that is Paul Manafort Paul Manafort now doing a deal with Robert Muller the third who were the winners in the losers in that deal. Well, I think that the the clear losers are going to be obviously Manafort himself. This is not going to be a walkaway deal by any imagination. He's given up a great deal of, well, he's probably looking at about a ten year stint at his age. Nothing to be dismissive about. So this is not gonna turn out well, but I think he turned that corner a long time ago. I think there's going to be a lot of folks in DC where this is going to be a clear loser. You have the former counsel for President Clinton. You have the pedestrian firm which is lobbying firm even other Republican firm. They're all referenced here. Their conduct is hard to discern a difference from Manafort. And so there is a real possibility they can face criminal prosecution. You're talking about Greg, Craig there, explain how he's involved in this? Well, this goes back to registering as a lobbyist for a foreign government..

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