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The marlins tweeted treats night. That was you know beyond that price. So i decided to reward them for the generosity to me in my daughter. I'm legit worried if you made your mortgage payment. That is an expensive jersey. Yeah again added this count. Who was it. Did you get the discount. Because jesus i what is even at two hundred bucks. I'd be like shh. I'm used to authentic jerseys customized being at that reigns in two hundred dollars. It was a. I was thinking back at the original price. But think of this pet is jarring. Well i'm glad you got the the marlins were kind enough to give you an employee discount. I guess i have to make their numbers because not many people are walking into that sore getting an authentic personalized jersey but holy cows. You have to wait on line at the at the letter. Making machine No those one person in front of me. And i had the chiefs clear around so once i got jersey in is pretty quick. I mean you're a man of a very specific taste when you get a jersey. It has to be personalized. It has to be bellamy eleven. I i hope it was worth it heavily. So kelly was worth it and They should have been all right. All right i went as part of the road trip i did. I went back to marlins park. And i took some photos and there's gates around the now so i couldn't access it because my idea doesn't work anymore so i went to the team store. I walked in the team store. And i was dressed down and i was not recognized by the guy who was working there and i asked for any old school marlin stuff and he brought me to one corner of the team store which had the f. till logo. I said no no. I'm talking about the rainbow m logo. She said no. We're not allowed to have that here. Oh wow i. My lower back is covered in sweat right now. Just knowing what. Roy paid for this jersey and even muster words roof. That's staying ahead added boost to that because the tax refund finally showed up about a couple of days early unseal. That's your income tax refund. No there's a the biden child benefit thing to that came in. I enjoyed that. At what point of the movie does john. Data washington tap out hori prasada for the third and final laid. Who's gonna play. You haven't played josh beckett. Don't tell john david washington. He can't do something based off the color of the skin. Oh time just saying that. Beckett has nothing to do with trash bags where he plays the title character. It's beckett all right. So i'm gonna save you an hour and a half of your life and tell you that beckett is a movie that is not worth watching. Dan's elvis and get to. John david his son and say make better choices. He could have the shortest career of son of an oscar winner. Of all time you know for two years after beckett may that their final out in new york city while the bronx i had that chin thing every if you look at photos from two thousand three to two thousand and five if you were at a kager chances are everybody there. At a polo and cargo shorts was rocking the josh beckett. Ching thang david. Awesome hosts.

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