Phil Jackson, James, Nick Van discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Local Hour: NBA Draft Day: 6/22/17


Nick fans are spending their money east bank fell his his obligation should be to nick fans not the phil jackson you think james own cares enough to give double mental fingers or explain a concert tonight i he just seems aloof and disconnected two you think that it's more important for james dolan to prioritize next fans than it is to keep his word yet his word his words and nick van should should outweigh his weren't to fill jackson yes yes there has consumers and those are his customers yet us and full jackson his employees he's got personal relationship with his employees doesn't have a personal relationship with his customer but it's an employee who's done a lousy job i know but i'm difference her i'm asking the wrong person about the value of someone's word i mean we just had a lie detector in here yesterday a chronic going all the things that you've lied about but i'm asking you i'm playing devil's advocate here because your right ultimately phil jackson has done a lousy job and phil jackson should have probably been fired under norm or cirque normal circumstances by just about anywhere that he was working but i'm i'm trying to take you into the mind of james dolan yet here aloof and you're playing with your banned you've shown the you don't really care about the customers that what that much your franchises profitable no matter what if you care about the customer you don't kick charles oakley out of a basketball game because he tackling you for the job that you did values the customer in as much as the customer gives him dollars to run his business but that's the end of where it is and how it is he values his customers he email one of his customers they use a drunk and he should seek help for his drinking problem it's not our customers that he has the relationship with its phil jackson it's an excellent point and in that market he's proven you can literally do anything an someone's always in line to take the next season ticket holder spot yup long waiting list on that's on nick fans though for continuing to spend their money and show up to that riina against the one good thing fell jackson has dawn and james dawn eight liam.

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