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A simple solution to all of this so let's take the statue of robert easily that right now is in the united states capital and let's move it to arlington arlington was his home it was confiscated by the union army a few months into the war they lost the lease lost everything put it in arlington in the house and put an explanation they're a short biography then take the statue which is now at the university of virginia and take it to pietersburg the last great battle though tragic tragic last battle of the civil war and put that statue of lee at petersberg along with an explanation of his attempts to surrender that army before the crater in march of 1865 and that's enough of um i i bet enough of a history lesson i five all put you all to sleep so i'm joyce courtie in you're listening to the reimagined america radio hour and let's talk about a twentyfirst century subject poured general john kelly if only been two weeks can he believe can his wife believe when he comes home at night that it's only been two weeks since he took on the job of chief of staff of the trump white house the question we asked two weeks ago was could this decent good extraordinarily capable man succeed in bringing order out of chaos in the white house he did put some basic discipline end of the staff things like when you come to work and you know that you keep the door of the president's office close of the people know does drop in um he removed or facilitated the removal of some of the most obvious problems in the white house likes caramel chee or the two extremist all right holdovers of general flynn's um in a national security council um me he has he thought he had isolated steve bannon and rendered him impotent uh we found out this week that wasn't true um and we found out not just through the president unfortunate comments um inexplicable comments hall it will leave it at inexplicable we don't want to be disrespectful but we also heard mr bannon in mr bannon's own words um in the new york times and a couple of other interviews that he gave this week in which he countered uh policy and went on to say all the more that.

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