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So he's been a joy to have around, so he's doing an American accent from the nineteen forties before moving into present day and slowly evolving out of it. That's cool. Yeah, it's ridiculous. So what was your reaction when you found out about the the time the time things but time travel I didn't think they were gonNA bite. I've got the network was just going to stonewall it and say that's cute, but no. You know that's stupid. You know about and they didn't. They went the other way apparently, really excited and. Show their excitement. It's showed US data faith in us that we. Didn't know So that felt really good. And then we sort of ran with the ball and every time we did something like that, so it sort of it was a season where everything's all of a sudden started to click in. Everyone was thinking the same way as really cool. I can't wait to see how it turns out. It's not that have some fun tonight there you go back to work. sixteen tomorrow morning Oh, wow! No rest for the weary exactly three to meet again. Thanks thank you. I'll tell you. This guy is one of the nicest guys you ever WanNa talk to he is not pretentious. He is so easy to talk to. Really had a lot of fun meeting in Lego. Batman the movie. Clancy Brown voiced a kinder and maybe funnier lex Luther we spoke on the red carpet at the new. York Paley Center for this. I mean you played lex? Of course for many years now, actually probably the longest actor at played lex voice, wise but How does that happen? That's not a bad thing I know. How do we get so old? Then have done something for so long I don't get it and do it so well, but for this one you get a chance to light him up a little bit and must have been fun. It was fun. It was It was fun to read the script I I. I'm I was always familiar with their work. Because I've played the my son is ten and he. Has the LEGOS and they did the star. Wars Lego adaptations for the Games and I was totally into that. I thought it was kind of amazing. The you could create a game that a kid could love. Then his dad could love as well and they. They were very clever with how they would comment on the game, but. The universe and this was kind of interesting because this game to me as a as a full on script beforehand, it wasn't the game. It was a script so I. Thought well. That's I could do lex in this I would love to do Lexus and see. If we can turn LEX into a lego character, and it was very clever very fun script was not you know he was still the same do? You know. The joke was still the same dude. It was just. It was just a blast to read so I was. I was very happy to go on and do it and to be. Part of their work. You know finally you can do comedy, but in a way you can do it straight like you did. starship troopers I. Mean Your Drill Sergeant was just. Right there, but it was his. My wife and I were watching the other day. We're. Were crying laughing song. There you go? That's a good script. You know that's that's. That's a good script. Makes it easy? You don't work for the lab I. DON'T HAVE TO BE BILLY CRYSTAL guys. Well another thing that I think fans love you for. Is Your work on Earth, too? I just think you. You play great villains, but that guy. Yeah, but that guy was. I was great. You're going way back. Yeah, John Dan's. Interesting one. That was a little dated. Now I. Don't know if you've seen it, but. It's it's running now mobile devices. That's the way the world either I. I like to say that we were. We were the pre lost Series that we sort of. We sort of made loss possible. We were doing lost four lost with school. That's exactly it. Yeah, you were ahead of its time there. What's it like when you guys all? Get back together, you know Kevin. And all the guys from the original series and do. Like kind of getting the band back together kind of. A little bit I. You know I I Adore Kevin. I've I've always admired him. And love him doing that. It's Tim does not come and do it Tim Tim did it and they need then he's fell out of it and he's so busy that it's a real cool when he had him but I love Travis's Superman. Superman can change. It's like it's like the the The Camera Batmans they all change and the on cameras chances. The voice over Superman tend to change I love with Travis. Does and and I think I think Choi does does a very good Kevin Imitation? Another thing I have to mention is kind of all I think that was just what a great part for you! What a fascinating character deployed another! Brother just was very interesting. Very Weird. Bet I'LL BET HBO wish. They had that show right now. Yeah. They let go too soon. What do you coming up? there's film eventually John John Dies at the end is out right now. there's a film called Uh Hell benders that were waiting for the contracts to get signed with a J. T. J. D. Betty directed that wrote and directed. Clifton Collins and me and punch other fun guys. I did a film with Jason Stadium. Recently I did a film with That's the guitar player slash produced. So they. You know their stuff coming up their stuff around. Between the voice over and the on camera, you're busy yeah. Yeah Trey Statement I got kids I got. I kids a mortgage. Yeah I hear Ya get I'll get a million dollars picture. I gotta get. Keep a common. Yeah. I hear Ya. What a great honor to reach a man regression! That'll be available in late. Nate Lego, Batman, the movie. It's great for kids of all ages. And also from San Diego Comic Con and Twenty Ten is my conversation on the purple carpet of the sci-fi Channel With David Blue of then too short lived series stargate universe now I just talked to Robert Cooper. Who was the show runner at the time? And he had this cool back to the future t shirt so I kind of came up in my conversation with David David David just a SEC. What did you think of you know? Robert, Cooper's wearing a back to teacher. Wasn't the second movie like one of the cool sequels over the second movie is my favorite course. That's what everyone likes so pissed. I don't have a hover board old once I. Think I think. I think we need to remake it with me. Gang I'd love to see that. Let me. All the SCIFI references your character has. Definitely must put in some of them. No actually that's the brilliance of these guys right here I would love to claim credit, but every time they had me a script. They've already run in the movie referencing all the although I did have a great time this season. I won't ruin it where I went up to Jomo lots. He's propaganda. Cut Out! I went up to Joe and I said I. Hope You don't mind. I have to pitch. This I really want WanNa make this one reference and he let me do it so I'm hoping it stays in the having. Are you gonNA have a chance to have some fun while you're? Here. Oh. I already have been meeting some great people like really. Doing some crazy crazy stuff on top of that meet some of my idols stand the. Truck Orient People like that absolute one goes under. Again Yourself, you certainly have earned it and then back to work, and I can't wait to go see it though. Yeah, all right, thanks. That's my first episode of on the Red Carpet. They'll be many more to come. There's a multilayered creature growing on your shoulder..

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