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Are they squirrel out of points to send a lot of tweets and apparently both those things are bad i also think i i saw mccollum i think he's selling like it's either dockers or a banana republic one of the two mrs i can find very funny picture as as pretty big range it is it was like an actual addle a good oh yeah now it's on his instagram if you will is is as up yet so excited to be pardoning with banana republic on the launch of their new rapid movement chino's alongside didi gregoria sweater no gino that is true is a short starting shortstop for the anc he's and who and matt ryan are followed aaa ball didi girgori as an matt ryan and leading an kevin law well the kevin loved and make this picture has it out their brand embassador go the men style council be our men spin anna republic get love hanging out with matt ryan and kevin law eric had just couple of gas where some gino guys wearing khaki so that's a that seated ruben citara column is a beast napoli beast uh his high school picture will forever be the funniest thing i've ever seen or that the smart guy tj and but he looks mauled unlike used in high school much was still tiny now mccollum was a smooth force six on that picture as like mark assault on the court like like fat highest goal marcus all these like dribbling unders lay maybe the two is like i score players like just i'll they looked like in their adolescent bodies of all time they just happen to be on the same court leg couldn't couldn't.

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