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Voice. Their Robbie gold kick the thirty six yard with three. Oh, six the play overtime and the Niners. Snap a ten game losing streak against the Seahawks. Twenty six twenty three win on Sunday and west we we've talked with how the Seahawks seem pretty locked in where they're going to be in the playoffs. But still you did not want to go to San Francisco lose this game. Like deflates you a little bit Seattle's done this. I think in four of the past five years in December where they lay in against the division opponent. That's not really good in that happened again today. I think Nick Mones is probably a little bit better than we thought at first is eight I think he's I like when I watched him I thought, okay, if he stays with a Shanahan if he stays with some kind of Shanahan offense, he can be pretty good. But I didn't think he had the size of the arm strength. And now, I think he has total control of this offense. He grasps it very well. He's a very accurate quarterback took a ton of hits. And I worry how much how many hits it can take. He's not a big guy. And he also missed a Cup. He probably left one hundred yards and a touchdown on the field onto throws to George Kittle. Then he missed, but he had he had this team moving up and down the field and a lot of that is Kyle Shanahan just being one of the best schemers out there. And you know, the, obviously this is not a very good season for San Francisco and the Garoppolo industry injury was devastating. And you hope he's back to full strike next year. But moans gives you if nothing else you learn this year that you have a very good solid backup quarterback in a year where they've played their second and third. Drink quarterbacks. Most of the year they entered this game six in the NFL in big place. I think you can see his improvement to Mullins over the last few weeks that he's getting better. He's looked. I he's like earned himself a lot of years in the league as a as a back. I mean as long as Kyle Shanahan's around he'll he can hold a Colt McCoy just hang out a big game at worst. Who knows? He's a rookie. I mean, you have CJ Beth or two could you ever? See someone falling for the Nick Mullins, mystique and trading. I'm not saying you're too much for him. But they try to get them out of the Niner system on your own roster. I think he would have to be somebody who runs a similar offense to call him. It's it's always for Mayfield straight up who says to it. It's a tough loss though. Because never looked at Seahawks play the chiefs next week, and they still want to clinch that five spot which in theory will go against the Cowboys instead of the bears, and you just want to get in. I mean, you you can't count on anything necessarily if you're the Seahawks. You get Doug Baldwin back today who looked they play good. But it's kind of like the. Cowboys. And there the first half of the Cowboys game reminded me this the style that they play invites these close games. Sometimes you don't they don't necessarily score as much as you feel like they should based on how well they moved the ball. And that's what happened. I think it's a big deal. If you have to face the bears in Chicago instead of the Cowboys and Dallas if they don't have a franchise record for penalty yards in a game. They probably win this game. But they had one hundred and forty eight yards in penalties and they lost because of it. Let us move on to the snap. Allen ticks standing in the pocket. Fires it down field. Looking for foster makes you catch at the bike. Touchstone. Forty two yards. Robert Forster makes the catch the five stupidity and zone. Touchdown buffalo. That's about Jon Murphy, if WDR he doesn't care at the bills steak, that's an exciting football play. And he called the Josh Allen forty two touchdown pass the Robert Foster early in the fourth quarter, the bills rally back fourteen thirteen win over the lions Detroit will not surprise anybody..

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