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I can well imagine this this is happening so what he thinks we just get rid of the prize altogether is there another way of doing leno when a disc the nobel team and i think it's a it's an interesting idea but i do think that particularly in this day and age of really big project big collaborative international research the kind of work with the led to the discovery of gravitational waves with hague both on for the human genome project it would be great if the nobel committee could considered team and give the nobel to for example the whole team who discovered the gravitational wave it's a named group it's it's it's lego um and they were thousand people in that group if the peace prize can be given to an organisation why couldn't do find to be privatised all right you given this us to think about i appreciate that thank you are you welcome jennifer rune as a cell biologist at university college london we reached her in gravesend uk me casa is casa spanish phrase means my house who's your house usually it is welcoming usually comes at the beginning of a friends visit it is usually not accusatory and it doesn't usually come at the beginning of a lawsuit and almost never is anyone named scary steve involved well welcomed to toronto's forest till neighborhood whereas settlement has been reached in a case in which one set of homeowners filed suit against their neighbours because their neighbors house look too much like there's or to boil the claim down sue gaza esmieu casa.

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