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Twelve minutes ago before I turn it over the salad tired out we'll get you duty overnights the boomer NGO in the morning don't forget to be back tonight ten o'clock as well live this is your scared in your work in our ever in you can get the radio on can listen in a fan at night well you get me again tonight I'll talk to you ten when I talk to keep from my wife's nitrite now a gate hi Jody thank you guys had before about the lawsuit or somebody say you said some guy was awarded millions of dollars because of the coffee the seventy nine year old woman that a guy who was sitting in her car outside of McDonald's and her daughter brought her a Cup of coffee in the folder lap in she needed two years worth of medical treatments and originally she got about a hundred and sixty thousand dollars or something but in this to a bunch of June to stuff which was then basically thrown out the showing up within about three hundred thousand dollars just to straighten some of that stuff thank you for the clarification the whole lawsuit thing good lord we're gay if we're gonna start going there I mean I I would assume that the P. eighteen vegans that any player association you against this in his humanity into the hockey fight and some goon beat up the other guy stark and I'm so when you mention if I don't know how to play or start to sue Anne late I think the let's see the the blue jays and the giants should the suit be eighty nine I aids because how many those guys once terrorized I mean this is the biggest can of worms and by the way I think I was any good a lot of people were were were hit around body actually goes anybody would stay in the major leagues ages I I find a wholesome ludicrous I find I find the whole thing again I'm against cheating America told yesterday I I I'm against cheating but and if a man missing moving forward no cheating great I'm all for it but the idea is this boy this come out of nowhere cheating in baseball gambling in Casablanca and we do what we have gambling and where it's such a it's such a joke I mean this is been going on for ever so we say about the whole team the whole team didn't cheat asking her happiness hitters a C. for them you know didn't she nobody can we are about to a we know about twenty camping about Josh Reddick so we now we're down to about eight people which is thinking of the white Sox were in nineteen nineteen about eight people I meet people using steroids in the eighties how many pictures on the nineteen eighty eight he's supposedly under Billy Martin you know Stephen candy that a whole bunch how me those guys supposedly loading up the baseball they say all that I bet this is been going on for ever we can do this in the court you can't hear it happened on the ice on the court on the field should stay there it doesn't belong in the courts I I I I don't see a guy win anyway could go proved he would've been a major leaguer but for one game against the ETS in his me against the against the Astros I find that I think it was two games but that we're splitting hairs and I am in basic agreement with you it sounds like a frivolous lawsuit pride as speaking of our society and moving on and advanced technology and everything else well we're certainly a more litigious society than we've ever met before people file lawsuits and come up with ideas for law suits and try and negotiate settlements without ever having to go to court we should really be shocked by this we might not talk about it I'm just portrayals because don Knapp in all that often in sports but in society in general people should when everybody every day and I will play a if a hundred thank god for the plane about these players were speaking of let me ask you if you find this to be a most amazing coincidence ever it just happens to be that the two maids of Carl spell Tran and and Cora are just the people who happen have taking advantage of the system or look the other way and it just happens to be that every single player on every single other team they're exactly the kind of guys who have never stood for I mean Kleber target been astro he would've been shouting on day one thing this is so terrible right everyone is when you just point there were there were a couple at shows who did actually try and stop their teammates from doing it so you don't know maybe glabra would have been one of those guys do you buy that do you buy hi I will buy the percentages and you broke it down for a certain kind of down to about eight guys if there were four guys on a team that have only thirteen players because they got twelve pitchers quarter the team could Claver been one of those guys we're only talking about him being one quarter yeah it could ma'am I don't know and when you talk about the way people are talking about a again and social meaning everything that we're talking about the Astros do you hear them talking about the players or the chatting about old twenty don't do yes dates sweeping charges against everybody you're right and the play in the pitchers who are involved I think that almost everyone of all new maybe some guy double pedal came up in September didn't know but to starting pitchers certainly knew what was going on and they benefited from it and none of them took a stance either and let me say this about Mike Fiers white defend a lot as far as whistle blowing goes he didn't stop but when he was there he didn't stop but woody was benefiting from it and he didn't drop a dime the day you walked out the door rider and signed with a new team and said Hey old by the way the Astros or bungee cheaters that two thousand seventeen world change we just want Terry did we would cheat all year long manager yet and signals style or trying to Klay sent up no he was ready to keep the secret and where is World Series ring proudly hi to they went and tried to cheat him and that's just a doll money yeah that's why I think the players should have paid a price I understand the situation a route map from within and the leverage of Tony Clark had I just think them getting off Scot free seems willfully wrong for me I think they should be punished for being so still played as they continue to try and cheat a guy who was in the locker room where do you know what what went down who I don't know how you benefited but you're going to try and do what their mom he's going to come in as a visiting teacher in your stadium and you can't say guys listen we we can't do it all Sinding tonight cause fires is on amount for and today's point we're kinda lucky that he has and ratted us out if we try and stick it to him but we could get court here we really should just play the game straight up tonight that's how I would handle environ astral player apparently they needed so badly but they went ahead and tried to do cheap Michael Mike fire still sell Mike Fiers did what he had to do and I had no problem with it Freddie Freeman Subban offended ready here already what was a tree near you don't hold at this hour the one advantage of sleep apnea I quickly it can help you help me understand something everyone is coming out of the woodwork cake is one state but physically pitches one hit them in the head lebron James you that said they need to be punished in hell come during the steroid era no nobody's fault like this isn't that all the guys revisions there were too old to be using steroids or didn't have that much of an effect one of the players were acting so crazy for this but not for this terrorism Z. Astros are a really big target it's an entire team with this steroid cheaters it was individuals so day right date they were back and and the players who got caught got called on the carpet by some of the other players are not as loudly not agreement is this is because it's a wide target if you can't hit this target shame on you the whole team treated all be benefited from it when a player is individually cheating you couldn't step back a little bit and go yeah that's wrong but do I really want to make a big deal out of it no and by the way gave you believe Jose Canseco fifty percent or more of the guys were on steroids so if your tank steroids in you're going to call out a guy we're getting quite taken care right did you have made quite yet you're a little hold if you ask me but that seems to make sense I think a lot of the guys were only so they figured it wasn't as on balance the field here or as a astral's the only ones doing this if you think that because they want to physically hurt it's just crazy lebron James came out fifteen should be punished anyway you're in good year Jana over in my place in Freddy thanks for checking in and for those who missed my lebron James opinion earlier I'm a fan big what Brian fan I follow one hundred people on Twitter that ticked hundred hard number don't go above it for a very specific reason when I go to my Twitter feed I want to read the people that I want to read I don't have to look through tweets of people lose opinions and or what they're bringing to the table today I don't really care about so I I you stay hard on my hundred every once in awhile find somebody I want to add as far as Twitter goes I subtract somebody I really do I on Paula someone's hard to hundred number and lebron is button is one of my first follows and I still follow him one of very few players but I think thi aired on Twitter today he decided to chime in on the baseball mass and he said dad he called the commissioner baseball commissioner here this baseball commissioner rob Manfred is an important person in sports not as important as lebron James but he's the commissioner of a major professional sport and lebron just dropped it is listen here baseball commissioner that's disrespectful I got to tell you if you want to get you point out there and he's got millions of followers and people.

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