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From NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. The death toll continues to rise in Beirut, Lebanon after a massive explosion. At least 70 people they're dead. Thousands more were hurt there. Explosion radiated out from the city's port, leaving buildings flattened across a wide area and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky. Journalists, not a home, Z, who lives more than a mile from the port, in an interview with NPR says even at that distance, there was major damage. I was at home when the first explosion hit and that it was followed by a much stronger, louder second explosion that by Windows and doors shuttered and exploded. An entire building shook I went out on the street. It was completely devastated with glass everywhere. Assad and here of all the storefronts were completely destroyed Reporter, not a homes in Beirut. The cause of the blast is still not known. The explosion is overwhelmed a country that's already struggling with both the corona virus pandemic and an economic downturn. Video of a black family being wrongly detained by police in Aurora, Colorado, was sparking nationwide outrage. Colorado Public Radio's Haley Sanchez has more the video shows for Children ages 6 to 17 facedown on asphalt surrounded by police officers. To her handcuffed and a child is crying for her mother. The witness who recorded the video says the officers surrounded the family's vehicle and drew their guns. Your police detained the family after officers mistakenly identified their vehicle as stolen. The family's plate number matched that of a stolen motorcycle. Aurora's police chief apologized but says officers followed protocol. The family has filed a complaint. The department has been criticized for its handling of several incidents over the last year, including the killing of Elijah MacLean, a young black man for NPR News. I'm Haley Sanchez, Florida is exploring how visitors could be let back into nursing homes as a Corona virus. Search continues in that state. As Alexander Gonzalez of member station W. LRN in Miami reports the plan might involve proof of covert 19 antibodies. For several months, Florida has banned visitations at nursing homes and other long term care facilities. But a recent public meeting Florida governor Rhonda Santa says one idea for easing the restriction would be to allow visitors who have already been infected with covert 19. I would be comfortable saying, you know, if you do have those covert 19 antibodies that you should be able to go in on and see your family member, so we may work on that and may get moving on that. A discussion about finding ways to allow nursing home visits comes his Florida remains a Corona virus hot spot. The state continues to report thousands of new cases each day. For NPR News. I'm Alexander Gonzalez in Miami Stocks drifted between losses and gains today is recent rally appeared run out of steam somewhat, though all three of the major U. S. Stock market indices ended they in positive territory. The doubt 164 points. The NASDAQ rose 38 points. This is NPR. This is WNBC in New York. I'm Lance. Lucky in the wake of the fast moving tropical storm E Science, Metro North Service on the Hudson line has been restored. All other Metro North Service, though, remains suspended long L. A railroad service has resumed on the front, Far Rockaway and Long, Long Beach branches. Other branches remains suspended. At last check. More than 200,000 customers were without power in New York City and Westchester in New Jersey. The combined outages were affecting just over one million customers and 9 11 response times during the tropical storm were longer than usual. Councilman Justin Brandon. Says one of his constituents in Bay Ridge tried to call 9 11 after a tree crushed two cars and cause power lines to spark the neighbors were calling 911 and the neighbor put the phone on speaker and sure enough It was just ringing and no one was answering. NYPD says there were longer wait times during the storm, but those delays were resolved. The city says 311 is also experiencing high call volumes and is encouraging people to report down trees on the 311 app or website. It's not clear that much will change following a federal judge's order requiring New York state boards of elections to count absentee ballots that we're missing a postmark, But we're still received two days after the June 23rd primary, WNYC Bridget Bergen says The suit was filed by two candidates who argued the ballots were being unfairly invalidated for missing postmarks. One of the plaintiffs, Raj Patel, who is a candidate in New York's 12th Congressional District, which covers parts of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. He's hopeful that this will help because he's currently trailing Carolyn Maloney abi about 3700 votes. But, she says that's unlikely to cause the results to flip. But there are local races around the state that could have different outcomes. Once all the ballots are counted. This is W N. Y. C..

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