The Life Story of Brian Stelter


This guy, Brian stelter, I understand that he's a pretty easy punching bag for anyone right of center or to the right, I guess liberals like him, I don't know. He's a peculiar little guy, the bald headed guy over on CNN. He follows the media for CNN. His story is a pretty interesting one. He started up, I forgot I always forget which side it was. Was it mediaite or TV news or maybe it was TV newser? He founded a media site like when he was a college kid. So he's always been this ambitious guy. And he wound up one of the stars of CNN. He's got a weekend show that covers the media and honest to goodness is capable of saying some of the stupidest things I've ever heard in my life. I would be so embarrassed, embarrassed, Yuri says it was TV newser that he found it. And I always recommend you go to TV news, he hasn't been with it for years now, but I always recommend if you want to see what the cable ratings look like. You want to see how bad Fox News is always beating CNN and MSNBC. You want to see the actual numbers TV newser has a ratings section

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