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Time. Unlike Italy in China so not to sound in any way macabre doc but if we were to have unfortunately encountered this earlier say in November going into the winter we could be in a far different situation now we could be yeah because that will be prime respiratory virus flu season spread. I mean it's prime time of what allows these things to spread. The colder weather allows these things to survive longer. You know one of the things I read again. I'm asking tell him one of the things I read about that. Also in the cold weather kind of adding to what you just said the environmental conditions being a little more apropos for replication and the colder minds is that in the colder months. Your nasal passages emit more mucus because of the dry air which gives you the tendency to touch your nose and want to wipe your nose which doesn't happen as much in the summer with the moisture. Summer air which makes it a better transport environment as well to kind of inject that right into your nasal passages again any veracity. That that that that it's not just the cold weather itself but the cold weather's effect on the human body and what people do in response to it. Yeah exactly and addition in the winter we all exist as little viral replicator in the again going from point A. TO POINT B. It's much much harder to do. You know one of these things. Touches a handrail. It's even eighty degrees outside. That handrail in the Sun is hundred and twenty one hundred and thirty degrees Fahrenheit these these viruses last minutes at that temperature. We're GONNA take a quick break. We're.

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