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Their demands are destruction of America and destruction of Western civilization. Those are the demands And they have harnessed a bunch of white punks that are ashamed of being white that are ashamed of their parents that have been completely destroyed. Their brains have been destroyed in public school. And they've been so destroyed that what I just said would sound like some white supremacist argument to them. It's not that I'm close. I'm arguing for people being all pink on the inside and putting this down. Let people know what I'm talking about, too. Anybody with a brain knows what I'm talking about. There's no other way to do this. No other way to do this. These people need to be crushed. The enemy in the street needs to be vanquished, crushed put down and they need to know in no uncertain terms that you cannot get away with this. Just take New York City alone. Have you seen that drive through where they go through New York, and they do the video footage. It's not coming back, in fact, was the story I wanted to get to this earlier. I didn't get to it, Um, fleet of moving trucks CNN Manhattan's Upper West Side, That's ah, Jerry Seinfeld's neighborhood. That's where what's their name there? Sir Jessica Parker parkas. Sarah Jessica. Whatever. Her name is that, Conover Those three words three name names. I have a hard time anywhere. They all live up there. Mass evacuation in full effect. A string of moving trucks was spotted Manhattan's Upper West Side on Saturday, according to Guardian Angels founder Curtis Lee. Well The mass evacuation of Upper West Siders of New York is in full effect or getting out. They will blame the city's decision to house hundreds of homeless people in the neighborhood hotels for the exodus. You know about that right again? This is New York. This is specific to New York, formally the center of the universe, now the center of Insanity. I think they've taken five star hotels. They put homeless in there that they're giving them drugs to pacify them, and they're giving them alcohol, and they're giving him five star rooms. And what's happening? Well, people have been shot. People start fires and rooms cooking things in a row. It's it's insanity chapter in San Francisco, so people are getting out of the neighborhood movie with that..

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