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His own parking space hi Marc Cohn but I do get a sense sometimes now among certain young people and this is xcelerated my social media TV there is this sense sometimes the way of me making change is to be as judgmental as possible about other people and that's about it B. B. in the middle and to help us the side of purity and you're never compromised always politically all that stuff so you should get over that quickly now middle man yeah that's affirmative action on number three in the middle and I am six eighty W. RKO was there to talk about your cars are now yeah we sort of talk about the reporter with that bridge they're building in Boston which these children argue with me about I don't understand it five lightning we blow by your flash of lightning in the second hour of the program before because mowing Shattuck twenty three skidoo why don't we do your flash of lightning right now and now all flash of lightning I just because he wanted her to lose weight or just on a whim like he knew this was a gift that he wanted it people need to stop looking into it really some men wear like a really skinny jeans like you look at the noxious I can't I just not as millennials say I can't even six eighty W. RKO I don't even in this segment is even you giving opinions I know it's me just give it is what it told me to put in the clips of mail right right talk there about the peloton as well as on just a word to the what's my trigger word ballots on not not good just walk away and leave it at that what do you got your flash lights are a D. B. I. no big horror movie die in your very into Halloween but what do you think about horror movies at Christmas time because this week the new release of a black Christmas is hitting theaters and there's a lot of hype about it I have my thoughts but I don't know what yours are at the risk of sounding like I'm a hallmark Christmas movie fan which I am not I don't I mean I don't need Christmas is.

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