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Include the executive director and program director at the center they tell prince also a musician out in LA young man I recently became aware of his music Robert Francis guys cool and I've been playing this song called masculine also the general director of the Santa Fe opera Robert Mayer will join us tomorrow as well as Cindy and Rande cook from Candyman strings and things a lot of art and a lot of music on the show tomorrow Paul Gibson joins us now along with his wife rocks sand the co founders of retake our democracy and they do really cool stuff ape Mister Gibson how you been good good how bout you I'm hanging I'm hanging in there all right Manal man we have a lot to talk about you know we could talk about the races and the endorsements which I some of the endorsements in the newspapers I thought were a little bit strange but that's not that's a whole different show up the collapse the not the collapse but the the shifting of the economy because of the disease and how that a shift to the I guess priorities the focus of a lot of people our you viewing this I mean what what do you guys think about it what are you doing are you wearing a mask right now by the way I'm not worried about going home but I wear it and I and I pretty much really rarely go out I wrote in my blog today about the experience of going to a farmers market for the first time in months and if it was like re appointing me with all these routines that are part of the rhythm of living in Santa Fe and that we were experiencing and it really was painful I mean it was great to see some familiar faces some of the vendors there we you know frequent all the time and have for years but it was also poignant because it's like that stuff's gone for the most part and a lot of it is and I'm not all that confident that we're not going to experience another big spike because the way the rest of the nation is opening up is just insane and we have to you know I've been very critical of the governor on energy policy in the past but my hat is tipped big time to the governor for the way she's handle this pandemic me too all right so let me ask you this you say it's gone you went to the farmers market and then is gone what is gone well it was there what what it made me realize is that I hadn't how much I missed it how much I missed it and how much we're still going I mean a lot of the group gatherings we can't you know I'm still not going to be comfortable with going to a market I don't care if they keep it to twenty five percent or what have you and you know with the bandstand isn't going to be happening view movies just hanging out with people and all of that I mean there's just our lives have been so substantially altered by this thing and then it's being made so much worse by just having the the worst leader I can even fewer people because you can't this is like mad magazine kind of stuff and and that that just makes it even worse because we all feel so powerless and it's so obvious how if we were unified as a nation we could turn this thing around significantly as they have virtually everywhere else all right so how are you viewing this you and rocks and viewing this and and a lot of the politics would you write about a lot on your blog you have a radio show in case so far saw the radio show yep okay let's get on the internet actually changed it a bit weak because of the pandemic right we do all of the recording on zoom okay and as a result of that we capture the audio and the visual visual and then we post on our website under retake conversations and so last week we interviewed senator and from that city Lopez for about an hour and so are the the show was not limited to the thirty minutes on cast so far we have a full hour and you get the visual as well so those are up on our website and and we're going to be interviewing Kerri Hamlin and Naomi Martinez par the challengers for John Arthur Smith and mery K. paper and this Saturday and I will be up on the website as well all right so that's the radio show you're also doing the the zoom in ours yep yeah those turned out to be a you know it's like we did monthly meetings for years at fourteen twenty Serie us and we'd get you know depending on the topic anywhere from a hundred and fifty down the thirty or forty and but they're all from Santa Fe they're all the same faces they're all the same people those are all the same people I miss now a tremendously but we weren't reaching outside of Santa Fe and so out of necessity we went to resume platform which we've gotten much much more adept at and we're recording them and we've done as soon are with Stephanie Garcia Richard land commissioner and are to be turned off who is the general counsel were really looked at the ways in which the state what it can and can't do to try and limit the the the gas and oil and tomorrow we have common cause New Mexico and Mexico ethics watch and dede Feldman and talking about way in which the gas and oil industry influences the rap not influences dominates the round house and get through whatever they want so these kinds of panel discussions have been I mean we're going to have New Mexico voices and spend representative Harvey R. Martinez on next Tuesday to talk about the budget crisis and I was just on a zoom call with them and they're very concerned that you know this is going to be used to this excuse is not an excuse it's a budget crisis but then it's going to be cut cut cut cut cut instead of looking at other ways to generate revenue and diversify the burden there's gonna be a lot of cutting between you know capital outlay in in programs a maybe some in education is going to have to be some cutting no question about it but austerity is not the way to get out of the out of recession so you say you were tried it William Portugal tried you say L. on Tuesday but do they live there full time after that yeah yeah and that you know just if you go to our website to retake our democracy dot org and just hover over the actions and events page you'll fall in the menu you'll see that there's there's room in our series and it has a list of all the ones that are coming in we have five in there you know ready to go through June and also all the old ones are there so you can watch them at your leisure and if you go over to the elections menu which is right next to that and hover over it you'll see that we have our endorsement statements for Kerri Hamlin and for Naomi Martinez Parra which really focus much more on their opponents then on them because they don't have track records rep position but you eat if you read those are kind of exposes on Smith and paper and your hair will curl and and we're we're going to follow that up with statements Clementi Sancious is raised on the near us and Romulus the court order and then probably our illustrious Richard Martinez all right so of all the races going on right now heading into the primary which is two weeks from tomorrow but all people are already voting on which ones I mean are you just titillated by is that the CD three races that the US Senate race in district number five and we'll have a legal legal how to meal in that race on on Friday running against a drunk driver Richard Martinez which of these races really intriguing well all chips on the table for the rest of us Fernandez I'm very hopeful she's gonna make it she's been endorsed by pretty much everyone this is the only thing trouble you well you know the truth of the matter is I had a conversation with her the other day about it because I think she should come out and say you know we had nothing to do with this because that's the case they use the the same thing happened to me on the radio amero Carl Trujillo race where dark money came in supporting on that idea but with the release sleazy add your remember was a brown handbag a white woman's leg and and that backfired hugely but Romero's campaign had absolutely nothing to do with it and they're not allowed to have communication with the sources of that dark money about their plans and so it surprised them as much as that surprised the rest of us and the same thing happened to us you know the the outside organizations can come on to their website productions website and you know take video and Rick replicated and use it in their own indoor statements and so forth and to a lesser has nothing to say about that or to do about it so she's vigorously opposed to the dark money she just can't stop it from flooding which is a very good reason for supporting her because you were Belgian in DC she come out she sure came out on on Keighley to yesterday's stronger against that as well but that was recorded last Thursday what about the PNM res I know energy is a big deal the what about the peon embrace the district three race here in this area our first seminar was a discussion between the the two candidates between my assistant Harris and we're not taking a position I think they're both good candidates I think personally I'll probably vote for Joe but I'm not we're not we're not taking a strong stand on that race the races were most concerned about in New Mexico or in the New Mexico state Senate and that it is even over the CD three progression rates because there's some really good candidates in there but in the in New Mexico everything good that we might want to get through the legislature we have a bunch of these guys and then merry K. pay plan in the Senate and and we we we couldn't just get two or three of them out then that will change the political chemistry in the in the Senate and the Senate enormously and there's huge issues at stake there are I mean the abortion decriminalization all kinds of gun violence prevention a just transition gas and oil regulation all of these things are are blocked and it's not even just that it's blocked it's not you know when people start to cobble together legislation and they're sitting in a room writing the language they're thinking okay we have to get this through Senate finance and Senate corporations and transportation so we can't just do this and we can't do this and we can't do this and those things that they can't do the things we want them to do and so we need to change that so that the legislators who do have a conscience and are are able to craft legislation that's responsive to the needs of the number of Mexicans and you know right now candidates or incumbents like John Arthur Smith we're going around crowing because they're saying they predicted this kind of boom and bust but and so and so their fiscal conservatism should should be respected and they were the saviors when the truth is that over you know kept the last ten years they slammed the door on any effort to revise our tax system so that we could have had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars a year more in tax revenue making us less dependent on gas and oil and and it's only because of those approaches that were in as dignified as we are right now our guest is Paul Gibson from retake our democracy we had dede Feldman on a couple weeks ago Paul we talked about this report the common cause came out with about how oil and gas and their lobbying efforts on who is it who is it it has influenced in the in our state legislature and you can combine that report along with dark money report and we have a lot of dark we'll money coming into the Senate race down south in the John Arthur Smith race coming out oil and gas money coming out for the incumbent John Arthur Smith.

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