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At Eric g. All right back in studio. And of course, the enforcer Jeff gatty is running the controls pushing the buttons and telling us, quite frankly, exactly what we need to do. And right now, he's saying we need to go to Joel Reagan to begin running down our scores. We'll take a look at what's happening in six. Yes. And I'm just getting updates by the minute. Let's scar was six one couple ballgames from last night EDNA memorial Edmund north the first Ed limb game at the brand new husky stadium and Edmund north. It was all BULLDOGS though, Tinder seven a defensive battle Nate Williams. Sixty eight yards twenty carries for the BULLDOGS. The bulldog defense held Ed minore to negative yards rushing on the nights. So the first game at husky stadium. Does not go. Edmund north way has memorial is now wanted one Edmund north now Owen three still watering Norman north it was a little bit of bedlam on the high school side, gunner Gundy, of course, was still water and Jacobs Switzer with. Norman, north all Gundy all Stillwater last night. Forty four twenty one Stillwater beats Norman north Stillwater eight number two in six eight to garner Gundy and running back Cointreau Walker account for six touchdowns. Gundy was thirteen of nineteen three hundred twenty five yards three first quarter touchdowns Switzer at a tough night. Eight of nineteen one hundred six yards had an interception did have a late touchdown pass to his brother Luc. But it was all Stillwater forty four twenty one in that one game from tonight, a big one in six eight one was broken arrow at Awasa number one at number three. It was all broken arrow forty-seven to twenty a winter. They lead thirty four seven and half NBA with a big victory Norman and deer creek at HarperCollins stadium. And it was all Norman forty three fourteen Norman wins Tigers with multiple wins for the first time since twenty fourteen Norman outscore deer creek in the third quarter twenty two nothing. They had two hundred and twenty. Seven yards in that third quarter alone to pull away and win forty-three to fourteen Yukon and more Yukon beats more tonight, forty nine twenty seven the millers now three and for the first time since twenty ten Edmond Santa Fe hosting Mustang tonight, Mustang coming off that big loss to rival uconn and Santa Fe the number five team and six say one beats uconn tonight by couple touchdowns twenty nine to fourteen a final score Santa Fe went to that one a battle at Putnam city stadium. One of the final times these teams will play at the original Putnam city stadium is they're building their own stadiums. Putnam city north in Putnam city west it was all Panthers fifty one to six PC north now with that win west more and south more. Do we need to call this the directional more war? I don't know. I just always feel like I should say that now as west the Jags role forty one to twenty over south more a final in that one big battle between number four toll. Union number two jinx. This is the big rivalry. It was all jinx tonight. Twenty seven to ten even Coren fifteen of twenty five two hundred seventy three yards as jinx wins against union. Six eight two games one from last night. Sand springs coming down to play Putnam city at put them see stadium. All sandy. It's forty five twenty four sand springs wins cayden Bennington through for over one hundred sixty yards. Three touchdowns for the sand nights. Tyree. Rope mums Burke for putting the city with a fourteen yard score. Also threw touchdown passes. Well for the pirates, but it was all San nights, forty five twenty four games from tonight. Number seven Collinsville beats bartlesville thirty four twenty-seven Collinsville was standing bartlesville comeback late in the contest. We do have a final on a really interesting ball game. It's number one in five eight car Labra coming off the first time to meet midwest city in school history and number five del city all the middle schools now playing each other no matter what class they're in. And this one is almost like an instant classic as Carl Albert holds onto win thirty two to thirty one del city scores in their quarterback and Ganthier sacked on the two point conversion and over overtime and the. Titans are now three and with that big win over del city. Del said right number five and six eight to the titans. The number one team defending state champions in class five more games in six say to tonight's a pulpit beats Claire more twenty seven to seven and kind of a classic in cameras stadium. Lot and lot MacArthur lot in a six say to score lot and MAC the highlanders ranked number five in class five. A and the wolverines win by a win. As MacArthur was trying to drive and go and tie the ballgame and showed so read or one hundred yard pick six as MAC was trying to score. Final score forty one to thirty two Latin over lot and MAC in that big battle down there at number three midwest city beats Muskogee sixteen to fourteen that was the halftime score. Randy. And that's how it ended the bombers win by a couple at Muskogee. And then we have a couple of volumes looking for scores and. Booker T Washington. The number one team in the state say too. They will fight tomorrow in the Shreveport Louisiana battle on the border at the independence bowl. They're playing horn lake Mississippi three no team in Mississippi's class six say, and that's what we got right now and six say Randy, all right? Let's run down. What's happened in class three? And we have the most everything that we have now our finals two games still running a little bit late may have had a little bit of weather problems and some delays first off, of course on Thursday locust grove beat eight air fifty nine to sixteen. Locust grove in class. Three eight are moving up from to a and eight are going into that game was ranked number three in the state in class two a two zero going into it and they lose to locust grove fifty nine to sixteen and then games tonight Newkirk from class to as stepping up to go to three A and play Blackwell Newkirk at home wins that game forty six to twenty Lindsey also playing at home and stepping up from two eighty to play class three as bridge creek and Lindsey also ends up on the winning side forty three to fourteen Sofer and Davis that big rivalry. That has been going on for years sulfur ranked ninth in the state in three Davis ranked ninth in the state into these the the rankings from okay, preps, sulfur wanted one going in Davis wanna know, but it was all for tonight at home clobbering, the David. Wolves forty seven to nine a couple of games still ongoing a here in Oklahoma City mount Saint Mary and crooked oak and mount Saint Mary leading this game twenty six to two over two as crooked game we understand late in the fourth quarter. Also late in the fourth quarter down in southeast Oklahoma and Ida bell and bell. Just crushing Hugo from class to Ida bell leading this game sixty two seven in the fourth quarter and all are playing at Salina Salina as school playing idol from three a, and I know Lewin's this one thirty four to seven John Marshall, the number five ranked team in class three a defending state champion playing independent Capitol Hill and John Marshall with a forty six to nothing win over Capitol Hill Kingfisher and.

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