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Congressional Budget Office is still forecasting a bounce back from this year's lows by the end of this year. But after that It's predicting a long, slow recovery that could last 10 years. A decade of 2% average annual growth seems after the last recession well, US markets were closed for the fourth. Asian markets were looking on the bright side, while Europe focused on the dark clouds. Silver reports indicate China's strict corona virus lockdowns paid off and its economy is bouncing back. The Shanghai Index jumped 2%. Hong Kong's Hang sing up one. Japan's Nikkei up seven tense but European traders were gloomy about global growth. Germany's DAX fell 6/10 London's Footsie one and 1/3 percent U. S. Markets finished the short week on the upside and the NASDAQ closed with another all time high. It's 23rd this calendar year. Nations. Emergency rooms are bracing for more fireworks injuries than the usual fourth of July weekend, with most cities canceling their fireworks displays to discourage mass gatherings, Mohr amateurs or in control, So Phoenix Fire Marshal Brian Scholl Is offering some tips. Make sure on concrete or bare dirt. Don't be anywhere near any kind of brush or nearthe house makes you have a water supply nearby. Remember, only adults should like the fireworks. There are also common sense safety precautions that partiers always seem to forget on America's birthday. Don't hold a lit firework. Don't aim A bottle rocket at your buddy's head. Don't blow stuff up. The arts are so inundated right now that we don't want people using fireworks getting hurt and then overwhelming on the ers. Nonetheless, if history is any indicator, emergency calls will be up this weekend. Mad Euros Reporting for NBC news, and this might be a good weekend by a car dealers are eager, and some are offering 0% financing. The U. S News and World Report is out with its best Fourth of July card deals list and the top 10 includes a full sized truck to sports cars and multiple family friendly SUVs..

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