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This is Bloomberg. Daybreak Asia. It's 1/4 past the hour now. Time protective sports from around the world. Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks frying. The PGA Tour says that all four events remaining for the 19 4020 season will not have fans in attendance. Tournaments are the Wyndham Championship, The Northern Trust the BMW Championship and the Tour Championship. First event of the 24,021 schedule will be the Safeway Open, teeing off on September 10. Manchester United blows a big opportunity to move up the third in the Premier League table by allowing a go to Michael about 26 minutes into stoppage time to play Southampton. So to old Ronald Trafford. Devil stay in fifth place, one spot lower than Leicester City Duty goal differential in Italy in Milan knocks up 303 You want to move the second place in the Syrian table while in Spain around the drifters, now one win away from winning Liga after to one win on the road over Granada. Some big names are part of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez is $1.7 billion bid to buy the New York Mets reports. A sports stars past in president such a Travis Kelsey, Brian Urlacher and DeMarco Murray have all contributed along with the $300 million Rodriguez and Lopez or personally investing billionaire hedge funder. Steve Kondo is reportedly still the favorite Washington Redskins announcing earlier this morning that the name Redskins and the team logo will officially be retired with an announcement expected shortly regarding the new team name. For Business daily reports that a trademark issues currently holding up the unveiling of that new name. I'm Gay Enforcement Met your Bloomberg World Sports Update. Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. The Bloomberg Business at hand and Bloomberg Quick, Take a Bloomberg business flash. I'm Juliet, Sally and Singapore. We check the.

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