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Also with Jen. Nice. Role models. Chad. Slab. Like, you could show me a scene for my love you man role models and they're seen fairly interchangeable today. They're both Dr. I guess one has John only Scott. All right back to you. Jim. The big short anything happened. That's a fun. Guess that's like that's like a JFK guess, but you're just hoping maybe showed up in there. Popped in set of city. No, do you know how I kind of know that I was at the premiere of the big short, and I saw Paul Rudd, and I just panicked. And he said Hello. I'm like, dude. Great job. Wasn't in the fucking. I don't know. A lot of Paul runs work, obviously, great jobs funding to say to anybody. When you see them not pointing at the screen. I loved it. Because you're not at it. You did a great job of not being in that one. All right. Jim. We'll take you for typologies. Ryan. I did the best. I could Paul Rudd is a rough one for me. You know, what Ryan did the best? He could as well. Yeah. And it was terrible. Do you need that album back? He would like it back. You don't even get keep Jim Cam. I don't have a record player. You're welcome to have it back after my poor performance. Do you want to throw it to them? Ouch. All right. What do you mean? You've got another cool. You only get one don't yellow on. But I get to make a phone call. Was he didn't help you. He helped you. He was good. Who would you call? Ozzy osbourne. Okay. Let's go. See if Ozzy Osbourne, I don't care weeds, Paul Rudd movie. And is he maims a Paul Rudd movie here still in? Where is he what time is it where he is? I don't expect. Well. He's looking at the caller ID going. No. Oh. All right. Well. To gave the. I don't think he'd be able to Ossie Osborne movie. About crazy train trainwreck. Chancer turn. Okay. I'm going with. I'll say what hot American summer. Paul Rudd film. This is forty. Yes. Same kids the out of knocked off. Jetski? Anchorman. Oh, you're in trouble full. The legend Bergen. Yeah. Yeah. What do you say J maker to? I've never seen that. Oh, you probably know the full title. More Ron burgundy. Anchorman. The Scott Peterson story. All right. I would say forgetting Sarah Marshall. Got this or you can go to Stacey. Stacey stacey. What do you think? Unless unless Stacey. Commend to continue says that sound right. Yes. That is right. The. My go Bo who Rambo grandma. Yeah. If you want to you got one Rambo Rambo. He's in how we the curse of your drew. Holy. That's like pre clueless again. Yeah. Wow. There we go. Terek poll road trip. Okay. A real nail biter again down to going to do it. I got this guys totally got this. All you're not gonna believe this shit. Vendor's Infinity war. One. I miss tried to Dame the one that has come out yet. But. We always debate whether those legal. Oh, yeah. You ever watched the little scenes at the end you leave like a hassle. Don't know. He's in this one exciting take shot year one here. Michael, Sarah, Jack, black all those ear one. Oh, that's helped me think of one though..

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