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Ever before being disqualified for obesity, drug use and criminal records. It's 8 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Jack Taylor in the traffic center. All right, in Virginia, run in 95 going in the southbound direction we'd add heavy traffic getting out of lord and cross in the academy, then delays out of woodbridge as you ride down toward Dale City. Now a camera showing, at least one vehicle facing the right direction, three of them are involved, one sideways, one's face in the wrong direction, one right shoulder is getting by. There's a big bumper in the far right lane and the other vehicles are kind of strewn across the left side of the roadway so far, no police, no fire, no ambulance, so just be aware watch mirrors going south on 95, headed toward exit one 56. Northbound travelers, really not too bad. We've been looking pretty decent at a triangle, headed up towards Springfield. We were a little heavy and newington. Three 95 also a little delay north of duke toward king and across the 14th. Still pretty slow on the beltway though, inner loop your jammed in a Braddock road, headed up to Arlington boulevard the crash remains along the far right, side of the roadway. We had an earlier issue on the beltway in prince George's county, outer loop, was a wreck, it was a vehicle fire, it was before branch avenue. I think everything was off the shoulder right. So at least your lanes are open, but still slow approaching saint Barnabas road. Not too bad now, topside outer loop, looking a little better, we're still having New Hampshire to Georgia, two 70s, fine, Frederick south to the lane divide. The trouble inside the beltway is going to be south on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. It is described as a crash and nail debris. Apparently we've got some nails down in the roadway, south on the bottom of Washington Parkway after four 95, the delay seems to be at this point from powder mill to NASA Goddard. Closer you get to green belt road though, the delay begins to ease back somewhat. You're still fine as you ride between the beltways, both 95 and the BW Parkway, except for that delay going toward green belt, 95 south, was just a little bit heavy, approaching and passing one 75. Protect your home from the invisible destroyer, termites, call home paramount pest control for a free inspection, 8 8 8 8 8 8 home, or visit home paramount dot com. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. And Mike stenner and our forecast this morning, what are we looking like, Mike? We're watching a slow moving cold front come to the area this morning, we are seeing

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