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Bayshore many walkers and joggers are concerned telling news channel eight I mean that's why it's hard when a city wide involved because it's like how do you monitor that other than where did you come from and you know it's like something that yeah so it's working too good Samaritans tried to save the victim who was hanging out the smashed balustrade next to Tampa Bay the US is blood alcohol level tested at point two three four he's charged with vehicular homicide and do you I manslaughter a sign thanking veterans is the subject of a lawsuit in Pinellas county day duvernay of Seminole is suing the city after they find him for having a Billboard on his boat thanking veterans the thirty by fourteen foot sign was part of the city's veterans day boat parade but the city said he failed to get prior authorization and was fined over a hundred Bucks he says it's a sad day when you can't support the vets and he filed the suit because he says he's fighting for what's right one of Florida's most vocal supporters of president trump has changed sides at least on the issue of war with Iran the house approved a war powers resolution that limits the president's ability to take military action against Iran the vote Thursday evening to twenty four to one ninety four north Florida Republican congressman met gates voiced his support for the resolution arguing it wasn't about the president's or custom solo money I think it's ludicrous to suggest that we are impairing the troops from doing their job by not doing our job articulated in the constitution to speak to these matters of war and peace I support the president killing soul money was the right decision but engaging in another forever war in the Middle East would be the wrong decision gates was one of three Republicans to side with the majority while eight Democrats voted against it the resolution came after president trump ordered that airstrike killing the Iranian general some of Tampa bay's leaders have shared frustrations when it comes to Tallahassee the mayors of Tampa St Petersburg and Clearwater the three largest cities in the bay area we're all at the St Petersburg yacht club for the Suncoast tiger bay clubs state of the bay forum and all three say they wish state lawmakers would but out of their business clear waters George credit KHOU says he finds it difficult as a Republican they have a Republican legislature tell him they know more than what he knows about his community ready set hunts the twenty twenty python bowl gets under way today Florida fish and wildlife executive director Eric Sutton says the goal is to eliminate the invasive species we know that.

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