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Great phone call for Al, comes on, drops of Friends, name like Adam, you drop bear, he drops Adam. You know, and then he starts, starts calling your team crap. From his previously glass made house and MetLife, right? Then he goes higher register out the door. Well done. I'm all in on the Giants. I gotta ride with Danny dimes now. In fantasy. He picked them up. It's not just that too, man. You are what you are and the Giants are 6 and one with the Giants do is they come back on you. They take your punches and then they don't make the mistakes at the end you do. Yeah, but that's an equate to fantasy goodness and that's what he's looking for. He's done for 33 points this way. Oh yeah. Okay. Rush for a hundred yards. Maybe you should take Justin Fields now. Available? And then I got picked up yesterday, right? Oh, wow, somebody won with him? No, no, no. Players in the middle of the week? Well, he hadn't played yet. But the week. Oh boy. Wow. Ralph Macchio Karate Kid and the best Joe Pesci story of hurting a while coming up. Weirdly. But the league like the week was already going. No, you can also in my league if you drop somebody on a buy because they haven't been locked yet. And you pick somebody up who hasn't played yet. You can grab them. So you could add patriots. Do you remember when Adrian Peterson came off the couch last year in the Titans had him? I grabbed him because he was, it was announced on a Monday he was going to play. And I picked him up before any of the other guys in my league could, and I dropped somebody on a buy week and they freaked out. They almost went Tommy Pham on me. Like full Tommy fam. Just rolled up and slapped him. That's all fair, yeah. So I'm like, that's the one. I did not break the rules. No, I know. That's what they were saying. I did not break them. Hey, what's up with Murph? Murph is just living life large. He's actually returning to the poker table Thursday. We haven't seen him in months. Still banned. He's just happy. It's great for him. He's great. He's great, despite Wisconsin, having an interim head coach and my jets beating his packers. Oh yeah, he's still fine. When I see him Thursday night, when I see him on this Thursday, the chest will say hello. Mister khaki pants. Back, by the way, I am just

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