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Of plays it was like they had like thirty more. Plays than thirty or more plays than tampa bay. Did i mean the when you look at the statistics which sometimes can be misleading statistics. Statistics misleading. This was brady played awful. They didn't run the ball. The drop balls dating target proper receivers. Their todd bowles made no adjustments. And he's a good defensive coordinator tells me right now that the afc has minimum of three teams better than the innocence. Vesting right now. Kansas city pittsburgh baltimore and maybe buffalo. On a they dismantled the the seahawks defense the bottom of the third best team in the afc. Minimum of the third is better than any of the the the better tampa veteran green bay. Better new orleans better. Seattle is better than any team in the nfc. The afc's the the now the has become the better conference this year. Top heavy wise. They're better. Kansas city and pittsburgh are better far better right now than the best team in the nfc and right now the baltimore may be as well. Baltimore was playing tampa on a neutral site right. Today i would take baltimore to beat them me too. I take baltimore right now yet. I'm not going away from the tampa hopefully can get it right. I got them You know going to the world to the world championship the super bowl. And i'll tell you. Another thing is blowing homefield advantage see without fans. I'm telling you teams that. Don't the breeze doesn't want to go on the road and play in green bay in december. January damn righty does. So when i start to look at that. Who's the best suited to go on the road in the nfc. Russ and darren. Rogers you don't wanna go into green bay and have to play them in rogers and he doesn't care about that weather and with the wind and the rest of it so you had indianapolis is the same way. The colts going on the road to play pittsburgh in january. There they got no shop. They will not win. I think like you said in the. Nfc is there's not that many elite teams i saw stat yesterday. That cam newton threw for. I believe it was three hundred ninety six yards against the seahawks defense going into last night against everyone else. He only averaged one hundred and fifty six passing yards a game. That's the hawks. Devi insists on. How many think about what. We're saying about some cowboys. Texans seahawks rule defense. I mean just horrible defense atlanta. You could score on all of them. I mean every single week. It's like it's a quite frankly humiliating. So yeah i learned a now. I don't know i would've thought that tampa after. Lose them to orleans early in the season. It's a divisional game. You did not play well and had to really really earn a victory against the bad giants team. I would have thought it home that they'd been ready to play. It looked like a team that surrendered in about the middle of the first quarter. I ain't never seen that before. So one of the worst all around performances. Like i said by a team that i've ever witnessed honestly. It was embarrassing from wins the last time you would watch a team that good and say in the middle. The first quarter by halftime wanted to turn the tv off because it was a it was. It was embarrassing they were they were horrible. They got some fixing to do if they're going to gain that respect back as new orleans looked like new orleans. Look like a super bowl team. The tampa did not make it difficult on them at all right sports. Talk seven ninety steve. Tyler zola's gonna join us next. We'll get some insight on the texans and we'll try to move around the league a little bit too after we talk about the tax. There's not really a whole lot to talk about other than groundhog day. Because i can guarantee you steve's going to have to come up with well. They didn't do this. they did this to this. I'm wondering what's there to be excited about other than that. I mean the the offense can put up big place moving forward. We try to tell them. Every week tried to go a different angle and it always leads back to where they can't stop anybody. There you go sports talk. Seven hundred steve follow next. You know. it's not healthy stressing about work. You know maybe you're out of work or not getting enough hours. That can be a bummer to stop stressing. Let's try and hit this reset but you can start your new life as an it pro in as little as four months from the comfort of your own home eating zero computer experience. So let's not wait to life gets back to normal. Let's get this thing down. It's a great option and take control of your future now. Mike computer career dot edu and take the frequent evaluation today. Helping people start an it. Career is exactly what we do live online classes. Meet just twice a week and start soon. 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The grades us out in grades a local team and quite frankly getting around to great some other teams force to their insight. Steve welcome in i am. I feel like every week when you and i are talking while you give such great insight that it's kinda groundhog day watching the texas. Yes they won. But steve you and i and this is the most maddening thing about it. I can point to the same mistakes every week. And that's a problem for me on a football team. Yeah there's a lot of the stuff yes. I don't have time to add this week. You know. it's the same the same strengths and weaknesses. I think we've seen from the texans. I still wanna point back. Being encouraged by sean watson's player black three week. This wasn't this wasn't best game of the season. I think what i'm more encouraged. West actually mediocre game. I think overall for watson but great encouraged with is the lack of a disastrous game. He's had those teams in the past where he's just been so far off and he's he's avoided those for the most part so I'd be encouraged by that. I think the offense still showed Even though everything is knock clean down for down when you have fifty plus yard touchdown to bring the cook. The seventy seven hundred well fuller. I think that's what they built. This offseason is that big playability that that's in there and then gives you leeway in other in other areas so i think that was like the say but yeah but down the down consistency. Both add to the boss still still lacking for the titans. Yeah sadly if watson's the blow up games where he wasn't very good what happened against the two. The two wins. Jacksonville were a series or two would have cost them picker something wrong. They'd be on eight. Thank goodness it didn't happen in those two games because they got pushed to the brink this past week. Stay you make a point and i'm with the run game. Let's start there i. They're starting running backs down on their team in twenty twenty one. I don't think the guy who's on here now but is it. Is it obvious to you. Or am i missing something while. I'm david johnson's a nice enough guy. And he's had good moments in his career. That duke johnson should be touching the ball. More if they're gonna give if they're gonna establish something doesn't do johnson have to touching the ball more even though we don't consider.

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