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Here's the thing for you. We just use that. Hey, man. My my go-to Margarita mix is just Jose Cuervo Margarita mix stuff. And so I'll use that. And I used to use a Don Julio representa- as my go-to tequila, but shifted to just patrolling silver and starting to dig the silver stuff and a little bit more. But I'll tell you what that Margarita that I was making the other night. My wife had been to Mexico about nine months ago when she took her niece for graduation, and she brought a bottle of tequila back for me. And it was a brand called Esperanto, and it's in a little circular bottle with a long neck, and I'll tell you what only had four s cubes to work with. But that s Bronte, and it was like a rep Asada. It was the damn smooth that I barely needed any Dan Margarita mix. But anyway, my regular recipe is I get one of those big time or glasses kind of insulated. Like, I'll put that thing. Chock full of ice. Now, always start tequila I and put in three or four shots Petrom silver. And then I'll start pulling porn in the Cuervo Margarita mix. I'll stop at about an inch and a half short of the rim and up in a little bit of triple sec. I didn't really use triple sec back in today. But my wife likes it at her Margaritas. So started in using it in mind. So then I have another Cup right down a canon in front of me. It's a little taller than a Mogam already using. And I pour everything in that mug. Port back, then a port back again. Then I get a lamb running around edge my glass dividend to the Jose Cuervo Celt gimmick container. You get the liquor store, and then the contents back in there, I'll taste it with the Celts on a rim..

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