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Colleen Lindstrom Bradley trainer. And I this weekend. I basically on the recommendation honestly of Steve from Donna and Steve decided to watch. The re union of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And, uh, it's on HBO, Max, and it's available for your perusal there. Um, now I was a fan of the show. Not maybe, like a lot of people were where they really It was like appointment viewing. They watched all of them, but I definitely watched it and reruns and I liked the show. Um, but, you know, part of what made this re union interesting, And it's the thing that's making headlines is the fact that, um Will Smith, who I generally don't always love if we're being really honest Scientology. What? Exactly? Um, I don't always love him. But he Made a choice to mend fences with a former cast member, Janet Hubert, who is also known as the original Aunt, Viv. So the story of the fresh prince of Bel Air is that this kid who lives in Philly kinda is up to no good started making trouble in his neighbor. Hey, just just doing little fight. Mom got scared and said, you're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air. So back in the day when you actually learned the entire premise of the show during the theme song That is the premise of the show, though, and he ends up in this like mansion in Bel Air. With his aunt, uncle in the original aunt was played by an actress by the name of Janet Hubert. She played on the for three seasons. And then they were like By when there had been, um What? You don't know when you're going into this re union, Really? Unless you really followed it. But even if you follow that you didn't really know what was at the heart of why she left And then they replaced her and did that weird thing. You know where they you know. But it sounds like she was in a very abusive marriage. And she happened to also be pregnant that at that time, and she was dealing with a lot of personal stuff, and she kind of it caused her to retreat. Into herself, and there was a big misunderstanding between her and will Smith, he found. He decided them that she was very difficult to work with, and he was very vocal about it. And then she now in recent years has come out and basically said, like, Yeah, he was a real pain and he you know, he's the reason I lost my career entirely. So they said, some words to each other. And will Smith decided in this re union for the fresh Prince of Bel Air that he really didn't feel comfortable doing it. And also speaking is a person who, um, believes that people should be kind and caring to one another. He didn't feel like he could do that genuinely, without actually sitting down with her, so they sat down in front of cameras, and they had a conversation a pretty Pretty real conversation about what transpired between them and why, and sort of what the fallout from that was, and it was just this like amazing healing moment. I didn't want to fall into it. I wanted to be able to watch it like sort of impartially and just go well, that was a really neat moment. But I really did watching it. I was like this is the kind of conversation that the world actually needs right now is seeing what can happen when two people are able to sit in front of each other. And hold their differences and apologize for their part in it and take responsibility for their part in it and move toward a place of healing. It was actually like, really beautiful. So you know, I and I wanna in in honor that but then I also want to do the thing that we do so well is to poke it that a little bit and say, like What? What was the point of that? Do you think like I I didn't see it so I can't give you any perspective. But I'm curious. Like what do you think They were hoping that that like what was in it for them? Because we do know that in Hollywood, nothing is real and everyone smokes in certain. And I'm not saying there has to be some nefarious motive. I mean, they could just be being good people, but I do wonder. Um, if your reaction was the reaction they were hoping for absolutely it for sure, Woz, and I can say pretty wholeheartedly on the part of Will Smith. It was to make himself look good. Because he knew he had to go in with some level of vulnerability, and this is the kind of thing that they preach about on the red table talks. And so for him on his part. I do think it was all about making him look really good in the situation that like he was the one that extended the olive branch. Now on her part, she really did lose her career. She was labeled difficult to work with by the person who was the star of the show. Um, that was no small thing. And he was a teenager, or at least a very young 20 something who held a lot of power in that situation and wielded it. And guess what he still does. And so for her, I think it was a little bit about like maybe getting her back on the radar. But you know that part of me that you know is skeptical, really does feel like, Hopefully it was genuine. But on the part of will Smith..

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