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Song is still the jam oh good it is so good superfly curtis mayfield in the whole soundtrack is awesome those how good so good ski in for travis rodgers marcellus wiley daca clapper in studio with us and we're talking injuries cairo kyrie irving intention wires what's going on with that so if i asked you andy to lift the refrigerator in your kitchen you could not marcellus probably could but you can't and the way you would do it as you would take a little two by four put it in front of the refrigerator take a broom stick stick it over the two by four and use it as a focal and with one hand you can lift the one thousand refrigerator because you have a mechanical advantage call the fulcrum right it's like when you change a tire right up so your quadriceps muscle which allows you to go from the seated position to standing up fires to extend your knee that muscles for muscles are not strong enough on their own they're andy cam ski in terms of trying to lift their refrigerator so whether you believe in god or not whoever created our body stuck a fulcrum a two by four of bone inside the tendon to give you the mechanical advantage what does that bone your kneecap the patella so it's called a sesamoid bone is a very special bone you have to in your thumb the base of your thumb and you have to the bottom of your big.

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