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And infection what they do is shift the balance of your immune system in your favour so a bacterial infection you are fighting it but you're losing an antibiotic helps you win if this drug that the japanese have works it might be because in an acute infection you need to tip the balance in your favour so in mice it might be a oneday treatment in humans it's probably a two to three day treatment just because it depends on where and your cycle of the flu you are but if you can walk away from the flu and start winning that's better than losing so i'm sure that such drugs can work i don't think that's a clinical trial result so much as a mouse trousers pay they referencing abidli just for reference folks the company in japan is s h i o n o gee i should nogi i'm probably asked you know you work looking at them because they also have a new antibiotic actually we're not gonna pick him for any of our newsletters but i literally have is you know you headline on one of the screens on my computer right now the interesting and it was a key human clinical trial took a medium time 24 hours for snow gives experimental compound to kill the fluid american and japanese patients during late stage trial sweet so it's a it's some kind of an anti replication a small molecule that uh that doesn't allow cells that except for beer a protease inhibitor basically yeah okay uh the the the next uh uh poll from the headlines question i've got for you but see um it's it's a were shifting gears and getting away from medicine uh but we're i wanna talk about invidia and automation and cars and i i you know this is such a enormous breakthrough it would really change so much about the how we think about commerce and transportation i mean i can imagine if there's fully automated vehicles you probably would never ever go to a store again you adjust summon the macy's van to your house and pick out whatever clothing articles that you need and walk out and they'd have rfid tags and they'd no you took on men than they know with a need a restock the vehicle or whatever i'm you can imagine various.

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