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Pretty interesting. We should get to our top ten. Yes we have a top ten top. Ten bill murray movies so let me see if i have them in the right order. Are you a bill. Murray fan i am a bill. Murray fan my biggest problem with this list That i thought of for some reason is that a lot of bill. Murray movies are him as a side character. You argue with me and said now. He's got a ton of movies. You're not wrong but there are a lot of his movies where he was a main character that i haven't seen like lost in translation which a lot of people claim as as best movie. It's sofia coppola as best movie johansson. She's in it. We'll talk about it later. There's hyde park on hudson that a lot of people didn't necessarily like but he was the main character in that i've never seen it I don't know. I haven't seen a ton of bill. Murray movies that once. I started getting into the list so i may not be as in depth as you okay. That's not on the list. But i've got the cool thing about bill. Murray is he has no agent. Yeah he has no representation. There is a phone number. You call the phone number. And you leave a voicemail with the project that you're interested in him being in and he returns. The call is interested unbelievable. What a power. Move me and jerry eight at his restaurant and we saw his brother who saw his brother sitting there. That wasn't good check. That was the exact. Same day that i had the beef with. Billy zane. it was what a day there was. Maybe a bit of a issue in the parking lot. Snafu deal don't need to talk anyway so we'll get started. My number ten bill. Murray movie is one that i don't remember that much to be honest but like you said if you're wanting to pick things that he's got a bigger role in. Yeah there's i mean it was hard you know there's a bunch to choose from. I had about fourteen on my list. And i picked so my number ten is a movie. I don't really remember very much. But i remember liking it. It's called broken flowers. It's from two thousand and five. You brought that up. i don't know that one. He plays like a basically a kind of a playboy. Like don juan type character and he gets a ladder like an anonymous letter. That says he has a child. He's like going on a road trip across the country tracking down like all his formal former love interests. Like one of them has a kid that he might be his kid now. He's old now. He's older okay. Well it's dim two thousand five so he's like an older man and he's like reflecting on his life. This is what bill murray does so brilliantly. he's probably one of the funniest human beings in the world. he's one of the. He makes amazing comedies. He makes ridiculous comedies but as of late he does really well. That like balance point between.

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