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Given an official released a piece of semester stallone tell film will be released on november twenty two thousand eighteen it's expected that film will pay cut john is creed against ivan drago son all that can happen soon enough for me side of it out no i've never seen a single rocky movie what what we know get out of here my parents didn't watch popular movies when i was growing up they watch movies but they never i've never seen any indiana jones i didn't see a star wars saw i was like 24 but is they just weren't into blockbusters so i didn't see anything that everybody saw when we were all the you've seen you you have not seen in the end of johns and you will not see any of the rockies you have seen star wars now the i think like two of them okay does do you feel like to catch up or do not like i don't have time like hey what else avid you see what other holes do you have in your game on this for i mean like probably everything that you guys think of as like that stretch from i don't know man i don't think she's going to enjoy those movies if you have started out watch out like which even a joy rocky right now the oslo in that way space balls watched it years and years later and i was like 'cause like part of it is the nostalgia not that it still stands up have you seen topgun yes okay i would say with rock i would watch rocky at this point you will like it not good it's boring actually did he added i know people get mad at me but i would start with rocky too that's where i would start by the way i saw splash report out there that says topgun too should be called maverick and mavericks could be flying with goose's son bowemike so is it by verse rows i like it make they get some new except for tom cruise he's going to be 75 and they're still going to happen with a thirty year old love love and legs still doing all.

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