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Radio news. I'm Ed Donahue, the first sizable amount of migrants from Central America have arrived at the US border in Tijuana, Mexico near California about three hundred fifty arrived yesterday about the same amount expected today lead time Defense Secretary James Mattis visited troops today along the border. Here's the AP saga megani? Critics call it a political stunt, but as he traveled to south, Texas. The Pentagon chief said the deployment of some fifty eight hundred troops from the border mission represents good training for future missions. I believe so far. Give proving our readiness at a camp in Donna, Texas Mattis and homeland security secretary Kirstin Nielsen met with some of the troops in the world right now. All the American Mattis. Earlier said all the troops will have accomplished what Nielson's department asked of them within ten days, but noted they will likely get more tasks, and he won't say when the mission might end, nor how much it will cost saga megani. At the White House in northern California names have been released of about eighty people who are still missing from the big wildfire burning there, including many in their eighties and nineties the fire has killed at least forty eight people. Meantime, the Los Angeles County sheriff's department says human remains were found in a burned home in a gory hills. It is apparently the third fire related death in southern California. A Justice department released internal legal opinion supports the legality of Matthew Whitaker's appointment is acting attorney general there's mounting complaints. President Trump illegally sidestep procedure by appointing Whitaker over deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, twenty nine more plaintiffs have joined one of two lawsuits filed against Ohio State University by alumni who say they were victims of sexual misconduct by. A team doctor Dr Richard Strauss during the two decades he worked there. Authorities say Florida school shooting suspect nNcholas crews attacked a detention officer at a county jail. He faces new charges. This is AP radio. News. A contentious opening statement in the New York trial of Mexican drug kingpin known as El Chapo, federal judge. Brian Cogan admonished El Chapo defense team to stick to the facts, the reprimand came after an opening statement in which attorney Jeffrey Lichtman claimed Joaquin Guzman wasn't the leader of the Sinn alot drug cartel. But the Patsy for the real leader who stayed free by paying bribes to Mexican presidents. The last two presidents of Mexico issued strongly worded denials and the prosecution asked Cogan to throw out the opening statement, he stopped short of that El Chapo is on trial in Brooklyn on charges that could put him in prison for life. Warren Levinson, New York police in Detroit are hunting for a sixty nine year old registered sex offender, who they believe shot and killed an unarmed security guard and a woman after attempting to rape another woman at a senior housing complex where he lives officers in Detroit say the woman, he tried to sexually assault pull the fire alarm and ran away. I'm Ed Donahue, AP radio news. AP radio news. I'm Ed Donahue, the first sizable amount of migrants from Central America.

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