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Clements men are extremely ritual like you guys all every single one and frost. Maybe you should comment about this is your Clements man extremely habitual. It's kind of weird. Cuz Rick is the one that I would. I feel like you wouldn't be. I know Frost is Habitual. Yes. Yeah, so I mean a woman works on a schedule, which is awesome. It's funny cuz like we have game night and I'm like, oh look at you know my watch from my phone and go home. We're not going to get through this game. You gotta go home and go to bed. Yeah. I'm just like, how can we finish this as fast as possible right? Not a dick on Frost. I know I actually am so glad that for sure. So so going back to the diet thing that was a big thing for me because I started on keto the first time it was not long after you started. So about two years ago. You started the very first time first time and then I started not long after that right couple days. Yeah, like within a week I would say was within a couple of days and then I kind of I got off of it and for me it was a it was procrastination, thing. Yeah missing out. Yeah, which I think is another huge thing with my own procrastination is I'm worried that I'm going to miss out on something that's not necessarily important fact, but but to me it is like you may not think it's important, but I feel like it is and And I said that for a long time, you know, I I told Wendy I was like, you know working my day job. Yeah, because there are Koreans are are you know thousands of tourists? Just yeah, just last week. It was the week of 4th of July and I'm sitting there working and I've been good like it. I've all it's been almost a week. I've been so long that I stuck to my shakes and my nuts in in the you know, the little snack packs of the time or a snack packs. I've stuck to those and I've eaten just keto food. I've I've stuck with it and I'm working and the production manager comes in with this big Bakery box and opens a sucker up me off. I know I'm pulling to like 14 inch churros. Out of this box still warm still a little warm. Oh, man, and I hate them and I texted windy. I was like, oh my God, I messed up. Yeah, like I beat myself up for it. And I had said when I started doing this, I'm not going to beat myself up because you know when it is just an American thing what diets know I mean, I think that's pretty Universal. I think the beating yourself up about, you know, self-deprecating. Yeah. I've heard I've heard a lot of people say that we as Americans, you know, we talked about going on vacations, but we never really enjoy it because we're thinking about all the work that were missing or you know, we beat ourselves up for eating to churros when you're on a diet. And not fully enjoying those shows like you're not living in the moment when it goes back to you know, the procrastination thing like that's the reason we do it is to feel good in the motion. Yeah and not put ourselves out and not have to you know, do anything right now. I am I am a cereal in the moment or you are I yeah, you enjoy life to its fullest. Yeah, and I don't I know I'm not the only person right but like it causes me anxiety when when you miss out on churros. Yeah, that's one thing. Yeah, but like in this is this is another conversation if you didn't take the shirts if you didn't eat them. What he done for the rest of the day was thinking about the churros that I didn't need you would have thought about that. But then you would have thought well, I hope you didn't think I was rude for not taking them right or what other people think if I if I did take those and if I took to what do people think, you know, like it's it's that constant thing and I think that is a very American stigma of being self-deprecating. Yeah, like just you're not good enough and I wonder where that even comes around like, is it the American dream gone? Awry? I I don't know. That's that's interesting, you know like to be the best like why why I just want to be the okay assist. Mhm. I just can't just be okay right like And maybe that's procrastination to anyway, I think that's about all I had. Yeah, I mean, I don't think there's going to be any hard-and-fast. Oh, this is how you fix it. Right, but I think it's what works for you. But I think if we can all just kind of step back and go. Okay, how do I handle procrastination? I guess that was another thing that I wanted to ask you. Was kind of what what would you say is your number one thing that you procrastinate about work? Okay, and mine is a specific kind of paperwork to have to do it work. Okay so long so like you said, I think we all have those things that we hate to do. But we need to find I guess maybe the coping mechanism that works for our brains. Yeah wage. I think we're all wired a little differently like me I need hype man. I need somebody that's a cheerleader saying you can you got this come on, come on, and I have noticed that like when I was doing the best like when I was going to the gym all the time as because I had a pal like I had a pal. They're telling me you come on. You can do five more minutes or two more minutes you could do you can do it like and so I notice that that's kind of what I need to get my dishes done. I think as far as Jim can is the gym concern Jim from the office job? But as far as the gym is concerned, I I think I would be more apt to go to the gym and my had somebody there encouraging you. Yeah, because I'm I'm a lot. Maybe she maybe that goes back to the fact that nobody encourages anybody else anymore like to do anything right? Like we're we're so concerned with being the best rate. We're not concerned about somebody else doing their best selling you you should be happy that that you are a homemaker and that you work from home because when they you have to tell a co-worker that you're on a diet, it's sometimes it's kind of humiliating like yeah, I guess like admitting that there's something quote unquote wrong with you. I'm I'm fat. I'm overweight great. I mean both are everybody, you know, you can look at me and tell but it's like that's that's another discussion. Yep. So there's not a one-size-fits-all. Answer to this. So but if you want to comment and say what you do to get over your procrastination, we would love to hear it. Yeah, where can they do that? You can do it a couple of different choices. You can email. Hello at because we said show.com or just head to the website and click the contact button. You can also join our Facebook group, which would be really really cool if you're into Facebook. Yeah. I know some people don't want anything to do with it. But a lot of the people we know are there..

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