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Oh there is his allen rosen and darnell they're going to be once injury in some order cat from our money i'm always big into the two point old guy so baker mayo kind of two point they are but then you start say who's to point out who's 3point on jackson jackson's three porto dr is next level on understand this those might vic plus he's not my vicki's as fast maybe faster with vic his vic was a freak do i don't know what he's gonna run at these combine the pro days but what he did on fao only mike vic has done at that position let's let's be real about their and he can throw much better than my big kuya at that same time in his career so we'll see well baker mayfield won't be at the draft will talk about that at one point or another plus more cuban marcellus said something you're not supposed to say all pool mark poor mark usable fire him well there's one guy there might not like marcel as a part of espn owing got a tweet marcellus francais bro petar who tweeted above said pressure traffic could pull off wearing jordan's better than darren rebel all yesterday all see so and it on climb in the ranks assam at the party would among yeah owning better net you got that only like a consultation at puts his opinion it is all screw it up noted to georgia your perfect is is worse up top it's not gonna work either don't come into the whole jordan swiss pseudo meal don't ha.

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