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And maybe it was just a year to year thing, because the same exact stuff can kind of be set of ST. Who you know, has a similar Similar records. Similar trajectory in pretty much Every every other year, right? They just flip depending on who's Homer. Who's away? So then? You know, Penn State even last year, you know that they were ableto go out there and And beat Michigan the way they were. They went on the road in Minnesota is good as Minnesota ended up proving itself to be it was still inexplicable. That state couldn't come away with a win in that game. But Theyjust let Tanner Morgan Absolutely dominate them. So It is part of That mental fortitude is something that's been missing and those types of mistakes are the things that you don't see. Ohio State. Or Clemson, and most years you don't see Alabama making and that's the thing that needs to get short up. Because you just don't see those dumb penalties. Dumb plays. Inexplicable turnovers. Those are the things you don't see the best of the best teams. D'oh. And I think if you can get rid of those that would really changed the Uh, just where Michigan would be, but you got it. You got to figure out a way to not have those types of things happening, James. Yeah, I think you hit it on the head there. That's that's a big part of it. I think part of human nature, You know, they're in your head you press They're aggressive If they expect things to go their way it makesem competent and year after year. It's another brick. That way. I've seen it. I saw it the other way. You know, back in AA, you know, the mid nineties. You know, Michigan that Shawn Springs and slept next thing you know, Michigan make the play in Ohio State tightens up so Being able to reverse that I would ask you one more thing about recruiting with the big news today about the linebacker from Florida committing, I think they're up to 21. I guess he quit. I'll give you a couple of multiple questions here that you could hit on any of them. That you want. How many will they go up to? And you know, you mentioned the Omari guy? Tell me a little bit more about him. Donovan Edwards is there. Ah, timeline. Is there a feeling I I was looking at a list there, and I saw that Georgia and Oklahoma and Michigan State were on his list. Now I'll go ahead and cross out. Miss. You could stay the way Oklahoma started this season. I'm gonna cross them out. And now I feel like rooting for Alabama over Georgia. I don't know if that's the right way to do it or not. You could tell me about that. And the last thing I say, is with this being a free roll with scholarships for the players. How is this working out? Where a CZ Michigan Do they have Teo Really watch. How many scholarships can they go over It? Are people taking advantage. I mean, is there a way to take advantage of this? If you have the money, and you want to Oh, and you want to pay for the scholarship, You know, being able to go over the limit because of this particular year? I mean, how does all that work it out in your eyes? A star is the last thing I believe the way I could be wrong, But I'm pretty sure I read that he hadn't got delays, essentially said that You know any any players that holdover from this scenario aren't going because this is a three year like you said that.

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