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It had itself but to be like we are so there is so much evil in us that we never ever just very died. William told his friends and neighbors. We really was Hitler. Oh by the way. I don't fit basically Wam Stewart word Houston slash. Hitler died on July Fourteenth Nineteen eighty-seven in Long Island he was buried next to his mother at the holy. Ah Shit cemetery in Corum New York. The family considered leaving the grave unmarked but decided sided instead to bury him with a fake name. That brought him peace. Silly mcpake bent. Alexander became a social worker. Sorry Alexander it off became a social worker Louis and Bryant had a landscaping business and live together in two thousand six reporter. Track them down but they refused to be interviewed. They said they were going to tell their story themselves. They had a lawyer and an agent. And we're writing a book. Pretty Hollywood I mean. Did they have no story except for we weren't Hitler. So that's the movie. Where does it start with starts on us and have not Hitler credits? So you just like normal American kids but you had a last name but I I think once every twenty pages someone goes. Hey aren't you related to Adolf Hitler and we'll be like we'll demure we'll be like knack kinda and then everything else about a picnic. Think about a company picnic. This this is a movie now. It's book to would. What would you do jumping the gun to a movie? We're about that it's a book it's a book and and it's about a company picnic and every now and then the whole book is about a company Picnic. Didn't have to be if you have something you think is better that you guys are anything's better. I think that it's really bad about it. For Friends of the magical local bear. That's a whole different I. That's a whole hour ended a whole different genre okay. Then let's stick to the company Picnic. You love okay. I didn't fall in love with that. I don't like the one pitch it it to me at this point. I'm not saying there's literally no book here except for you saying I'm I'm not Hitler which that's that's the book. Right bill gets put. The book is about US trying to convince you to do the book. And it's about a you push back on doing the book you don't WanNa do it and that's the book and it's the story of this meeting eating and then maybe we make it into movie. Maybe we don't but either way I think this is a great project and again it's all about our name and how we're not him. It's so it's not about anything it could be. I mean what are you trying to do over here right now. Nothing I just wanted to leave my office okay. So this is a book but a guy who loves his office. He's insane about it but two guys who don't want to say related to Hitler because they were but they weren't are in it and it's this guy struggle to get these guys out of his office. Will you guys definitely stick around like Hitler's Hitler's. Yeah no yeah. We're having kids. I don't know if we told you that it's going to be generated tone. Want this. We're like bedbugs. Were their in their names and locations were withheld by the reporter. Anna another author of the book the last of the Hitler's quote at their via AH vehement and repeated requests. They would be. They don't can you guys not say where we live with who we are just not. She's not put that out there. You know what I mean some people. I'll have reservations about us. The home the family grew up in eventually. They moved out eventually became a crack house for for a little while. Apropos then a contractor moved in in nineteen ninety nine and he picks it up when he was fixing up he found blood lab equipment and German newspapers behind a wall board board. That has the make you feel good here. Before some Hitler's this is a bunch of blood and I don't want the place anymore I I won't waste German. Filmmaker came by and told the contractor. A Hitler had lived in the House. Contract said quote. I was like a Hitler lived here and ran a blood lab. What what is this? The boys.

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