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And a half hours to reach a verdict. The jury found the defendant. Watson Daycare guilty as count one murder. Guilty of the murder of thirty year old Carmen Smith. Go all these years thinking. He got away with it and he didn't. At Dacre sentencing the state call just one witness Nick Smith, who was determined to face his attacker one last time. I just. Had to not let him to feed me. Away. Dacre took my mother's life in seventy. Might Life was put on hold? Next struggle to hold back tears. Me Longer. Someone other than me. Control, my life in rope thoughts. He's finally caught finally. I will be. I never wanted to use what happened as any sort of crutcher. Let it get in the way. I did the best I could to types. You still hear anything she'd be proud. The judge then delivered dacre sentence life in prison plus forty seven years. But defiant dacre refused to sign the documents for his sentence. It's typical coward that you would act the way you're acting. That's what you are a coward. Case closed. Justice Carmen and Nick Smith. And the victory Lodhi had wanted so badly. But the story was far from over. Something happened at the end of the trial. That would come to haunt LAUDI. Something that would lead her to realize. There was still unfinished. An unbelievable business in her saga with seemed Dacre. Coming up. A final verdict. Yes, the final chapter not even close. A stunning confession is about to turn this case around I couldn't let it go i. have a conscience. I have to live with me. When Dave Line continues..

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