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Breaking ball. And now in adorns Louise Robert's home run tree, Bring him home and bring the tie. Five. All that was the slider that doesn't break. He showed it to McCann. He showed it again and Louise took it. Way out Rocket to Centre Field. The exit velocity on that. I think it's going to say otherworldly. It's a 55 game who have really happy I didn't leave. This is entertaining. There's a hanging slider for Roman replay, and it gets out in a blink of an eye. Two on one out for Robert Line Drive left field toward the corner. That is a fair ball up it over the wall. That sucks will take one run. Sanchez scores Welcome back. Number 65 sucks. Still going. Louise Robert is becoming a man before our very eyes. After all those fastballs he gets out in front of a curve. This one is down. It has the plate and he just reaches out and Yanks it into the left field corner. That's a wonderful piece of hitting. The only bad break is it bounces out of the park. Otherwise, it's to go the sounds from last night's big Big White Sox win. Against the Twins, courtesy of NBC Sports Chicago here, Jason Benetti and Steve Stone. Every single day. They are now the first place white socks and let's welcome him in. The outstanding voice of the White Sox. Jason Benetti joins us right now.

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