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In Laguna beach. It's seventy one in Tustin sixty nine in Fontana and seventy and Tarzana we lead local live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. I'm Debra Mark. John and Ken show. John kobylt Ken chiampou KFI AM, six forty. The people are going to get out of town. They ever going to get out of town. Because last Friday, it seemed like there was a huge amount of traffic Friday night. And I thought, wow, maybe a lot of people getting outta town because they're taking a whole thanksgiving week off. And then last night there was a huge amount of traffic is not the same thing. Well, I guess there's another crowd. That's getting out the day before Judas before thanksgiving. Then this afternoon. It's all botched up all over the place. Again, I'm thinking how many people are getting out of town along, but it's been going on since Friday last night was horrible took forever to get home. Oh, I'm longing. To take you to get home. It will last night. It took an hour. And usually it takes about forty to forty five minutes. So even though it's just another fifteen minutes, it still was annoying. Yeah. What about you? I took an hour. You know, part of it. I just pulled over to the side of the road. And I cried for a while you, Dan, I can't I can't take bumper to bumper traffic, you know, for for a long time. I never had to deal with the harder rush hour. And then when our time slot moved and we ended at six. I know it stink. Oh, let's but today when we go home tonight when we go home, it should be it should be not so bad because the peak time is between two thirty and four thirty this afternoon. That's what AAA is saying. Yeah. But that's the peak doesn't mean after four thirty. It's good. It's going to be good. I think most people have already thanks giving tomorrow for crying out be running out of people by now somebody must have fled. There you go. Hey, suppressive, happy thanksgiving eve. That's what I said it. I know you're just I told you donate. Right. Much fun. The this is this is really offensive. This is unbelievably offensive and. I had to read this twice because I didn't believe it. The the idiots in the legislature. The first thing they did they haven't even they haven't even found all the bodies yet or all the fragments yet. Of people who burned to death. In the paradise fire. They think because heavy rain is heading that area that a lot of people or the remnants of people are going to wash away. Because a lot of people are just ash and bone fragments, and you're gonna get these torrential rains up in paradise. And there they go. And they're gonna get absorbed into the earth. And no one will ever find any trace. And.

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