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On august twenty eight that was wednesday when protesters and police clashed grant park the skirmishes between these groups on previous convention lights and lincoln part may not have been as bloody but they did not have the dubious distinction of television cameras present the record the action this time the whole world was watching i don't know if you're around them but it lasted only twenty minutes hundred one demonstrators were hospitalized in a hundred ninety two police officers reported injuries a national commission headed by future governor dan walker that are in jail later deemed the mealy police riot but daily was unscathed this was because israel put it in boss quote in attacking the young the liberal lem black daily was in the mainstream of america's mass prejudices daly came out of the convention even more popular than before because bus their heads was moved to the land in daily had swung the biggest club for a time the august twenty confrontation was called the battle of balbo but soon most commonly referred to as a battle of chicago balbo of course being to obscure name for permanence these days grand park as a peaceful place its most disruptive moments taking place when ravenous mobs descend on it for taste chicago these days people lounge at the base of general logan statue little kids try to climb the horse's legs as they would metal trees think back in nineteen sixty protesters tried to climb the logan statue when they repeal from it by the police in the heat of that night ironies and his free escaped the demonstrators there they were trying to stop a warned vietnam while trying to scale the statue of a man who one hundred years before had come up with an idea for remembering man died in war his idea was memorial day but maybe you already knew that we'll take a break and then you're going to hear me news but what about the chicago river because standing on the bridge today if minute it it looks like the river has more people on it in in it the michigan avenue it's pretty.

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